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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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effect on the other two.
Yet in both past and present, there
is an anomaly in the Devron system.
I can't believe that's a coincidence.
I may find the same thing
in the future.
Perhaps it's a temporal disturbance.
How is this related
to your time shifting?
These are important questions,
and perhaps I will find answers
to them in the past,
but now we have a threat
from the Romulans.
I want all departments
to present a battle-readiness report
by 0800 hours. Dismissed.
Deanna, it's gonna be a late night.
Would you like dinner first?
Actually, I... We have plans.
I see. I'm sorry.
See you in the morning.
- Goodnight, sir.
- Worf.
I want subspace sweeps. We might
detect a temporal disturbance.
- Aye, sir.
- Will, this time shifting.
When it happens I experience
a momentary disorientation.
If that should happen during a
crisis, take command immediately.
Number One?
I'm sorry. Be prepared
to take command. Aye, sir.
Speaking of disorientation,
are you alright?
I'm just a little distracted.
I'm fine.
You have the bridge.
I'll be in my ready room.
Milk, warm, a dash of nutmeg.
What's this?
A prescription. Warm milk and
eight hours' uninterrupted sleep.
- Beverly...
- Doctor's orders.
You're exhausted.
I don't know if you've slept
in the past or in the future,
but I'm sure you haven't slept
in the present.
Get some rest, or I'll have you
relieved and sedated.
Yes, sir.
As a physician, it's often my job
to give people unpleasant news,
to tell them they need surgery,
or they can't have children,
or that they might be facing
a difficult illness.
But you said yourself,
this is only a possibility.
But you've been to the future.
You know it's going to happen.
I prefer to look on the future
as something not written in stone.
A lot of things
can happen in 25 years.
A lot of things can happen.
- Captain, wake up.
- Yes...
What is it?
Have we reached the Neutral Zone?
The Neutral Zone?
Sorry. I was in the past again.
What's going on?
Data's arranged to run tests on you
in the biometrics lab.
We're ready if you are.
No. We have to get
to the Neutral Zone.
The Neutral Zone?
In the other two time periods,
Starfleet reported a...
A sort of a spatial anomaly in...
In the Devron system. In the Devron
system in the Neutral Zone!
If the anomaly appeared there
in the past, it might be here, too.
Because you saw it in two other
time frames,
doesn't mean it'll be here.
But if it is here,
then it means something!
Damn it, Geordi!
I know what we have to do!
Alright. OK.
But first, there is no Neutral Zone.
- Remember?
- Right.
The Klingons in this time period
have taken over the Romulan Empire.
Relations between us and the Klingons
aren't too cosy.
I know that!
I haven't completely lost my mind!
Well, if we're going
to the Devron system...
...we're gonna need a ship.
Right now...
...I think it's time
to call in some old favours.
Contact Admiral Riker,
Starbase 247.
Jean-Luc, I'd like to help,
but you're asking for the impossible.
The Klingons have closed their
borders to Federation starships.
Will, what if this anomaly
really is in the Devron system?
I saw a report from Intelligence
this morning on that sector.
There is no activity.
There is nothing unusual going on
in the Devron system.
I don't believe it! What if
their long-range scans are faulty?
We have to see for ourselves!
I've got the Yorktown
out near the border.
I'll have her run long-range scans
in the Devron system.
If she finds anything, I'll tell you.
That is just not good enough!
It's going to have to be.
I'm sorry. Riker out.
Computer, restore holographic image.
Damn him, anyway.
After all we've been through
He's been sitting behind that desk
too long.
Captain, I'm sorry.
All we can do now is wait and see
if the Yorktown finds anything.
There is another option.
We could arrange
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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