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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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what's going on in the Devron system.
Am I authorised
to enter the Neutral Zone?
Not yet.
Wait and see what the Romulans do.
Conduct long-range scans,
send probes if necessary,
but do not cross the border
unless they do.
- Understood.
- Starfleet out.
What's wrong?
This is not my time.
- I don't belong here.
- What?
I was somewhere else
a few moments ago.
- You've been right here, with me.
- No, no, no!
I was somewhere else.
I was... It was a long time ago.
There was someone talking.
I was talking to someone.
Beverly. I was talking to Beverly!
It's OK, Captain.
Everything's gonna be alright.
I'm not senile. This did happen!
I was here. I was talking to you,
and then I was somewhere else.
I was...
I was on the Enterprise.
I was back on the Enterprise.
At least, I think that's where
it was. I was in sickbay.
Well, it might have been a hospital.
Captain, we should go back
to the house and call your doctor.
Yes. I know what you're thinking.
"It's the Irumodic Syndrome."
"He's beginning to lose his mind."
Well, it's not that!
And I'm not daydreaming either.
Well, alright. Alright.
So, what do you want to do about it?
- Data. I want to see Data.
- Data? Why?
- Because I think he can help.
- Help how?
I don't know! I want to see Data.
Well, OK then.
Alright, let's go see Data.
- He's still at Cambridge, isn't he?
- Yes, I think he is.
- You see them, don't you?
- See who?
They're everywhere.
They're laughing at me.
Why are they laughing?
Come on, Captain. Let's go see Data.
Yes. Data.
We'll go see Data.
I know how it sounds,
but it happened.
It was real. I was there,
back on board the Enterprise.
- How do you like your tea?
- Tea? Earl Grey, hot.
Course it's hot.
What do you want in it?
Well, Data, I must say,
this is a fine place you have here.
They certainly treat professors
very well at Cambridge.
Holding the Lucasian Chair
does have its perquisites.
This was Sir Isaac Newton's house
when he held the position.
It has become
the traditional residence.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
If you're really his friend, get him
to take that grey out of his hair.
- Jessel...
- Looks like a bloody skunk.
She can be frightfully trying,
but she does make me laugh.
what is it with the hair anyway?
I found that a touch of grey
adds an air of distinction.
Earl Grey?
I'd swear this is Darjeeling.
Captain, how long has it been
since you have seen a doctor
about your Irumodic Syndrome?
A week.
They've prescribed peridaxon.
- But, sir, peridaxon...
- Yes, I know. It's not a cure.
Nothing can prevent the deterioration
of the synaptic pathways.
You think I'm senile,
that all this is just a delusion.
Now, come on, Captain.
No one said anything of the kind.
In all honesty, Captain,
the thought has occurred to me.
However, there is nothing
to disprove what you are saying.
So it is possible something
is happening to you.
The first thing we should do is run
a complete set of neurographic scans.
We can use the equipment
in the biometric lab.
Jessel, ask Professor Ripper to
take over my lecture for tomorrow.
Possibly for the week.
we'll get to the bottom of this.
That's the Data that I remember.
I knew that I could count on you.
Commanding Officer,
Enterprise arriving.
"To Capt Jean-Luc Picard,
stardate 41148..."
"...you are hereby required
to take command..."
"...to take command of
the USS Enterprise as of this date."
"Signed, Rear Admiral Norah Satie,
Starfleet Command."
Red alert!
All crew to battle stations.
You heard him! Move!
Personal log, stardate 41153. 7.
Recorded under
security lockout Omega 327.
I have decided not to inform
this crew of my experiences.
If I have travelled to the past,
I cannot risk giving them
foreknowledge of what's to come.
We've completed a full subspace scan
of the ship and surrounding space.
We've detected
no unusual readings or
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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