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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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So, what brings you here?
I just thought I'd stop by.
Been thinking about
the old days on the Enterprise.
I was in the neighbourhood...
Geordi. You don't make the trip from
Rigel III to Earth just to drop by.
So, you've heard?
Leah's got a few friends at
Starfleet Medical. Word gets around.
I'm not an invalid.
Irumodic Syndrome
can take years to run its course.
I know. Once I heard,
well, I just wanted
to stop by just the same.
Well, now you're here,
you can carry those tools.
My cooking may not be
up to Leah's standards
but I can still make
a decent cup of tea.
I read your last novel.
I thought that the protagonist
was a little too flamboyant but...
Captain, are you alright?
Captain? Will this be your first
time on a Galaxy-class starship?
Are you alright, sir?
I'm sorry, Lieutenant.
My mind must have wandered.
What were you saying?
I asked if you'd ever been aboard
a Galaxy-class starship before.
Of course, I'm familiar with
the blueprints and specifications,
but this will be
my first time on board.
Well then, if I may be so bold, sir,
you're in for a treat.
The Enterprise is quite a ship.
I'm sure she is.
Have I done something wrong, sir?
No. It's just that
you look very familiar.
Enterprise to shuttlecraft Galileo,
you are cleared for arrival
- In shuttlebay two.
- Acknowledged, Enterprise.
And there she is.
Tasha. I was just with Tasha
in the shuttle.
I've finished the neurographic scan.
I found nothing
that would cause hallucinations
or psychogenic reaction.
- Any sign of temporal displacement?
- No.
That would leave a tripamine residue,
in the cerebral cortex
but the scan didn't show any.
Personally, I think
you just enjoy waking everybody up.
Actually, I really like running
around the ship in my bare feet.
The biospectral test results, Doctor.
Your blood-gas analysis
shows you've been breathing
the ship's air for weeks.
If you'd been anywhere else,
there'd be a change
in the oxygen-isotope ratios. Thanks.
Deanna, would you excuse us?
Of course.
I scanned you for evidence of
Irumodic Syndrome as you suggested.
There wasn't any.
But I did find a small structural
defect in the parietal lobe.
A defect
that you hadn't noticed before?
This kind of defect only shows up
on a level-four neurographic scan.
It could make you susceptible
to several neurological disorders
including Irumodic Syndrome.
Now, it's possible you'll live
without ever developing a problem.
Or even if you do, many people
continue to live normal lives
for a long time
with Irumodic Syndrome.
Then why do you look as if you've
just signed my death sentence?
I'm sorry.
I guess it caught me off guard.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Something tells me you'll have to
put up with me for a long time yet.
Well, it won't be easy,
but I'll manage.
Has Worf found anything?
No, sir.
His security scans came up negative.
The sensor logs give no indication
that you ever left the ship.
I wasn't dreaming.
Something happened.
- Worf to Captain.
- Go ahead, Mr Worf.
Sir, there is a transmission
from Admiral Nakamura. Priority one.
Mr Worf, will you route the call
through to Dr Crusher's office?
Aye, sir.
- Captain.
- Admiral.
I'm initiating
a fleetwide yellow alert.
Intelligence has picked up alarming
reports from the Romulan Empire.
At least 30 warbirds have
been pulled from other duties
and are headed for the Neutral Zone.
Do we know why they would make
such a blatantly aggressive move?
Our operatives on Romulus say
something appears to be happening
in the Neutral Zone,
specifically in the Devron system.
Our own long-range scans picked up
some kind of spatial anomaly.
- We can't tell what it is.
- What are our orders?
This is a very delicate situation.
I am deploying 15 starships
along our side of the Neutral Zone.
I want you to go there as well.
See if you can find
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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