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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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't seen real ones in years.
On Bajor, there's a berry...
Yes, I know it, very sweet.
They must have discovered
that there was a Maquis cell here.
Kalita, get one of the medkits.
You have to hang on.
When an old fighter like me dies...
...someone always steps forward
to take his place.
Not tonight.
Hello. Are you alone?
I hope not.
Let's get acquainted?
There's a table in the back
that's more private.
I'd like that.
We have to cancel the mission.
The Maquis didn't go for the bait.
They think the convoy
is too big a target.
But there are only six ships.
We could even cut back that number.
It's the commitment of resources,
of grouping so many of the Maquis
together at once.
They feel it makes them vulnerable.
Every intelligence report
that I get from Starfleet
suggests that the Maquis are eager
to expand their strikes,
they want to escalate
their activities.
Now you're telling me
this isn't true?
It's probably different
in every cell.
The people I've met
tend to be more conservative.
I'm sure others
have a more militant attitude.
Laren, what's going on?
Do you have the money
I asked you to bring?
- Yes.
- Put some on the table.
By this time,
you should be negotiating my price.
When you sent me on this mission...
...I thought that I could do it.
Even though it meant helping
the Cardassians
and betraying people
who are fighting against them.
Now I'm not sure where I stand.
Do you want to back out
of this mission?
Sir, I don't wanna let you down,
I swear.
This has nothing to do with me.
This is about you.
If you back out now, you'll throw
away everything you've worked for.
We're committed to this mission.
My only question for you is...
...can you carry out your orders?
I could put you before
a board of inquiry
for having lied to me
about this operation.
I would certainly have you
court-martialled if you sabotage it.
Now, it's your decision.
I'll carry out my orders, sir.
I feel it necessary
to have Cmdr Riker go back with you.
He can pose as a relative.
I just want to make sure that nothing
happens to obstruct this mission.
I'm sorry.
I don't have that kind of money.
Captain's log, supplemental.
We have received word
from Cmdr Riker and Lt Ro
that the Maquis will attack
the convoy as planned.
Our ships have taken up position in
the Hugora Nebula to wait for them.
I have established a link
with the probe
we left on the perimeter
of the nebula.
This is the convoy.
We expect the Maquis attack force
to cross
from the Demilitarised Zone.
As soon as they cross,
we'll intercept them.
To ensure the ship Cmdr Riker and
Lt Ro are piloting is not fired upon,
I have relayed their warp signature
to the attack force.
Sir, the Maquis squadron
is coming into sensor range.
- Go to red alert.
- Aye, sir.
- Squad Leader to all ships.
- Go ahead, Squad Leader.
We'll be crossing the border in less
than one minute. Arm your weapons.
Starfleet can't make its move until
we're out of the Demilitarised Zone.
We'll break formation and take cover
in the nebula when they appear.
The ships in the convoy are raising
their shields. They've spotted us.
We cross the border in 30 seconds.
What the...?
I'm sorry. I can't let this happen.
Sir, the vessel being piloted
by Lt Ro
is firing a low-intensity
particle beam into the nebula.
What the hell is she doing?
The polarising effect of the beam
may make us detectable.
- Can you counter the effect?
- I will attempt to do so.
- Ro, why are you firing?
- Scan the nebula.
There's a Starfleet attack force
hiding in it.
I see it!
Squad Leader to all ships.
Abort the mission.
Repeat, abort the mission!
Sir, the Maquis ships
are breaking formation.
- Have they crossed the border?
- No, sir. They are withdrawing.
Captain, Lt Ro's ship
is not retreating with the others.
It is heading towards us.
When she comes aboard,
take her into
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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