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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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of strangers.
No, I understand.
But I've known since I first met you
that in your heart, you're one of us.
Captain's log, supplemental.
Having earned the Maquis's trust
with her raid on the Enterprise,
Lt Ro has been given access
to a ship
and allowed to leave
the settlement alone.
It's rumoured the Cardassians
are supplying their colonists
with biogenic weapons.
I find that hard to believe.
Ships that enter
the Demilitarised Zone are searched.
The Maquis are convinced
the Cardassians avoid the searches.
- We could make use of that.
- Sir?
We have come up with a plan
that has the potential
to seriously curtail the Maquis.
We want to give them a target
so threatening
that they'll be willing to commit
as many ships and people as possible
in order to destroy it.
- Give them a target?
- Biogenic weapons, for example.
You could provide them
with intelligence which would show
that the Cardassians are, in fact,
supplying their colonists with them.
That would get their attention.
You could say
that to get past the checkpoints,
they ship the components
for weapons through third parties,
and then we could put together
a convoy
and send it towards
the Demilitarised Zone.
And when the Maquis attack it,
Starfleet would be waiting for them.
We could station our ships in the
Hugora Nebula to avoid detection.
Basically, I would be leading them
into a trap.
That's right.
If you have a problem with
any of this, I need to know it now.
Well, if I do, sir, it will not stop
me from carrying out my duty.
I knew that I could count on you.
It took a while, but I patched
into Starfleet's comm system.
I intercepted a communication
from a checkpoint.
They're concerned.
A Pakled transport came through
carrying retroviral vaccines.
Why is that a concern?
Last week, a Ferengi transport came
through carrying biomimetic gels.
By themselves,
neither of these is dangerous,
but Starfleet is concerned because,
with other components,
the Cardassians could put together
a biogenic device.
What is Starfleet doing about it?
They can't do anything.
These items are all perfectly legal.
How close are the Cardassians
to having the components they need?
Very close.
Two days ago, a Yridian convoy
left Deep Space Nine
for the Demilitarised Zone.
It's carrying isomiotic hypos,
plasma flares and quarantine pods.
We can't let it
reach its destination.
But it's too big
for us to go after alone.
I'll discuss the situation
with the other cell leaders.
Considering what's at stake,
they'll want to help.
I've sent a communication
to the others.
When this is over, we'll celebrate.
When it's over?
When Cardassia realises they can't
intimidate us into leaving.
Something tells me it will be a long
time before we're celebrating.
Don't be discouraged, Ro.
It'll take time.
But the important thing
is that we not give up.
I spent ten years in the camps.
I don't give up.
I've been thinking a long time about
what our celebration will be like.
We'll have a huge dinner.
You'll make hasperat
and I'll make blueberry pie.
We'll drink wine and we'll dance.
I'll even play the belaklavion.
That'll give everyone a laugh.
You play the klavion?
Yes, badly.
It's a difficult instrument,
but I enjoy the challenge.
My father played the klavion.
When I was very young,
and afraid of monsters
under my bed...
...he'd play for me.
He said that the klavion
had special powers.
Monsters were afraid of it...
...and when they heard it,
they disappeared.
When I listened to that music
he played for me...
...I was never afraid to go to sleep.
When he died...
...I realised even he couldn't make
all the monsters go away.
Why wait?
Let's go to the market.
Let's get food for a feast,
for a celebration.
A celebration of what?
Of absolutely nothing.
Just to celebrate.
I'd like that.
Come. Let's go to the market.
If I'm to make a pie, we'll have
to find a substitute for blueberries.
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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