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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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and not be searched at a checkpoint?
We're going to cross the border here.
There are sensor buoys
all along the border.
If we don't cross at a checkpoint,
Starfleet will investigate.
With the right security codes we can
disable the detectors on the buoys.
Starfleet changes codes constantly.
I know the encryption algorithms.
If I can access the buoy's protocols
I should be able to find the codes.
"Should be able to?"
Do you want this mission to succeed?
Of course I do.
We need those medical supplies.
In that case, let me do my job.
I'm in.
What's wrong?
If I don't input the right code in
20 seconds, we'll trigger the alarm.
I'm getting out of range.
Don't! If we break the commlink,
we won't be able to try again.
It worked.
Until they change the codes again,
we can cross the border here.
Captain's log, stardate, 47943.2.
It has been over a week
since Lt Ro left the Enterprise.
We have yet to receive
any communication from her.
We picked up a request for help from
a science ship in the Topin system.
- Are there other ships nearby?
- We're the closest.
Helm, set a course
for the Topin system.
Mr Data, signal the science ship
we're on our way.
It is unlikely they would
receive our signal.
The Topin system contains
an unstable protostar.
It generates
magnetascopic interference.
- Can we use sensors to find them?
- Most of our sensors will not work.
Our directional array
may pierce the interference.
That array
has such a narrow scan field.
Might as well break out the palm
beacons and find them that way.
This is insane. We're sitting here,
no sensors, blind to the outside,
waiting for a Galaxy-class starship
to come swooping down on us.
Don't worry.
It's hard for them to locate us
with just directional sensors.
Besides, they're looking for a
science ship that wants to be found.
They're here.
Stand by to engage thrusters.
No, sir. It will take
six hours to scan the system.
Captain, the distress call
is being repeated.
- Data, can you locate the signal?
- I am attempting to do so.
They're scanning our last position.
I've locked on to their sensor beam.
I'll use it to manoeuvre
into transporter range.
- How do we beam through the shields?
- We can't.
To get those supplies, we have to
take this ship through their shields.
Sir, I am scanning the area from
which the distress signal was sent,
but I am unable to detect a vessel.
Captain, the computer has detected
a piggyback communication
on the last signal.
Can you decode it?
- It will take a few moments.
- Do it.
The shields have a weak point.
When at impulse, the thrust
destabilises the shield here.
- I'll try to punch through there.
- Won't they detect us?
They'll know something's there, but
will take a few seconds to find us.
We'll have to beam the supplies
aboard and get out fast.
The message is difficult to decode.
Interference has garbled
much of the transmission,
but it seems to be coming
from Lt Ro.
Ro is on that ship!
Sir, a vessel is attempting
to penetrate our aft shields.
Let it through.
We're going to make it.
Alright. We're in.
Let's get outta here.
Captain, medical supplies
were beamed from cargo bay seven.
The vessel that penetrated
our shields
is of the same design
as ships used by the Maquis.
It is moving off.
Let it go.
There must be someone with her.
We should make it look as though
we're trying to stop them.
Mr Worf, lock phasers
on their previous position and fire.
Aye, sir.
Now we know what they mean
by "Advanced" Tactical Training.
You went through their shields?
Ro parked us
between their warp nacelles.
I thought she was crazy,
but it worked.
- She knew what she was doing.
- Well done!
I have to inventory supplies
and find out what we have.
See you later.
It seems Kalita has decided you're
not a Federation spy after all.
She's suspicious of everyone
at first. And rightly so.
We've learned
to be cautious
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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