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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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Starfleet material.
- When were you on Jaros?
- What difference does it make?
We want to check your story.
When were you there?
Starfleet let me out three years ago
because I agreed to do work for them,
mostly to do with Bajor.
But I got tired of watching them
placate the Cardassians,
and so I left.
You resigned?
Not officially. That's part of the
reason why they're looking for me.
What were you doing on Ornara?
I think I've answered
enough questions.
I'd like to know who you people are.
Let's say that we sympathise
with those who oppose Cardassia.
Are you Maquis?
What if we were?
If you were,
I would ask if I could join you
and help you fight.
We'll check your story.
Go ahead. I'll keep an eye on her.
Come. Let's stretch our legs.
Aren't you taking a chance
by letting me see all of this?
What if my story doesn't check out?
What if I'm not who I say I am?
Well, then we'll have a problem,
won't we?
You are Maquis, aren't you?
Many of the people here are.
Starfleet considers you outlaws.
They fear you'll destroy
the peace treaty.
They don't understand
the situation here in the Zone.
I lived on Juhraya.
When the treaty was signed,
the colony suddenly found itself
in Cardassian territory.
Some of us chose to stay,
take our chances.
Then one night, I was dragged
from my bed and beaten.
The authorities clucked their tongues
and agreed it was an unfortunate
incident, and did nothing!
I'm not surprised.
The Cardassians intend to make life
so bad for Federation citizens
that they'll leave.
but no one seems to see that!
Except the Maquis.
How old were you
when your father was killed?
I'd rather not talk about that.
Hungry? Would you like something?
No, thank you.
You like hasperat?
An old Bajoran friend of mine
used to make it.
His was stronger.
He was killed many years ago,
fighting the Cardassian occupation
of Bajor.
I miss his company.
And his hasperat.
My father used to make the strongest
hasperat you've ever tasted.
Everything else seems mild
by comparison.
Did he teach you how to make it?
Yes. But I haven't tried it in years.
If you would make the brine
for a really strong hasperat,
I mean, eye-watering,
tongue-searing strong,
you'd make an old man very happy.
I would enjoy making it again.
I've checked with my sources
at Starfleet. Her story's true.
I was sure it was.
Kalita, she'll stay with you,
until we can find her a room.
There you are.
We've just heard a disturbing rumour.
Another rumour?
One that I think
we should take seriously.
A traitor coming from Pendi II
said he could verify
that the Cardassians will give
their colonists biogenic weapons.
I thought shipments
entering the Zone were searched.
The Cardassians always seem
to find a way around that problem.
Then we have to make
a pre-emptive strike,
show the Cardassians we won't sit
still while they kill us with toxins.
Agreed. But we can't mount a strike
without medical supplies,
and our stockpile is dangerously low.
If we request more,
it will draw suspicion.
I can get medical supplies.
I served on the Enterprise.
They always had
extra medkits for relief missions.
They're not going to give you medkits
just because you ask for them.
I don't intend to ask.
I intend to take them.
How? The Enterprise is a fortress.
I know its security systems.
Give me a ship. I can do this.
This is madness.
We can't let her do something like
this. We know nothing about her.
I know that she can make
very strong hasperat.
We need medical supplies.
I think we should let her try.
Alright. But I'm going with her.
I could use an extra hand
at the controls.
And a witness.
I've set the transporter confinement
parameters to maximum.
We'll be able to fill our hold with
medical supplies with one beam-out.
I had no idea
it was going to be so easy.
Approaching Federation border.
How will you leave
the Demilitarised Zone
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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