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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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Captain, the probe is through the
airlock and in position on the Raman.
Picard to Cmdr Data, report.
Ready to bring the interface on line.
Activating remote sensors.
Initiating interface now.
Vital signs are normal.
- Geordi, how do you feel?
- Fine.
- Do you have visual contact?
- Not yet.
Turn up the input sensors.
I'm not seeing anything.
OK, I can see. But no colours.
Increasing signal strength
to 75 percent of tolerance.
That's better.
Your pulse is up. Your nervous system
has to get used to the input levels.
I'm excited, that's all, Doctor.
This is like
being on a roller coaster.
Or a first date. I'm alright.
I'll be the judge of that.
If your heart rate gets too high,
we'll disconnect you.
It's a mess in here.
There must be a breach
in the hull someplace.
I'm picking up atmospheric gases
in the corridor.
Methane and ammonia, primarily.
That break in the hull
might even be on the bridge itself.
I'm heading towards the bridge.
I've found someone.
- What is your position?
- 12 metres up the main corridor.
He's trapped under some conduit
from the bulkhead.
I can't move it. I'll need
more power to the tractor beam.
Go to 80 percent of tolerance.
No higher.
He's dead.
That door at the end
of this corridor.
- What's it lead to?
- A magnetic storage bay.
If there was a break in the bridge,
that'd be the safest place to go.
Data, give me a phaser burst.
Narrow focus, level-four intensity.
I've found them.
They're dead. All of 'em.
There's a fire in here.
Data, disconnect.
What happened? Geordi!
I don't know. My hands.
They're burned.
- How did this happen?
- An energy discharge in the suit.
Shouldn't the safety overrides
stop that?
Yes, but I have a theory
why they didn't.
The interface's tolerance levels
were set very high.
Geordi's neural response
to the input was so strong,
it created a feedback loop.
The sensors passing the sensation
of heat to my hands overloaded.
The crew of the Raman are dead.
I would like to retrieve them,
but not if it risks Geordi's safety.
If we turn down the sensory input
on the probe, I'll be fine.
Seven people died down there.
We should at least get their data.
If we operate the interface at lower
input levels, the risk is acceptable.
- Picard to Riker.
- Riker here.
Proceed with the probe.
We'll have to go in
at the auxiliary control room.
- Their bridge is too badly damaged.
- How long before it's in position?
Two hours.
We must cut through the bulkhead.
Looks like you'll have
time to recuperate.
There's something
I've got to do anyway.
How are you, Dad?
As well as can be expected,
under the circumstances.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
I spoke with your sister
this morning.
She said she'll be
in touch with you in a few days.
Right now, she's pretty upset.
The service for the Hera
will probably be on Vulcan.
Most of the crew were from there.
But your sister and I
want to have a private ceremony.
Don't you think everybody's
jumping the gun here?
Last I heard, there were still
two ships looking for them.
They found no debris,
no residual warp distortion.
- And no ship.
- But that doesn't mean they won't.
Starfleet considers the Hera lost.
The search isn't much more
than a formality at this point.
Geordi, your mother's gone.
Yeah, well, you can
think that if you want.
But until I see hard evidence,
I won't give up hope.
Alright, Geordi.
Call me if you need anything.
Come in.
- Still working?
- No.
I have finished
adjusting the interface.
I am now waiting for Cmdr Riker
to finish moving the probe.
- Do you need to be comforted?
- No!
I was passing by
and wondered what you were up to.
I am using the time
to catch up on my study of poetry.
- There's nothing on the screen.
- That is not entirely correct.
While the display is currently blank,
this emptiness has a poetic meaning.
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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