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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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transport matter, you have to put
it in a state of quantum flux.
- It's very unstable.
- What range would it have?
It could operate
over several light years.
So the probe that exploded
may have been beamed into
position from outside sensor range.
If Bok uses his transporter again,
we might be able to trace its
signature and locate his ship.
Is there any way to keep Bok from
beaming aboard the Enterprise again?
I don't think there is.
If he can beam aboard, he may
be able to beam someone away.
It is a possibility.
I'm concerned he may try to take
Jason. Can we protect him?
We could keep a signal lock on him
at all times.
If Bok tries to beam him away,
we might be able to hold him here.
We would need to tie
the ship's subspace field coils
into the transporter system.
Make it so.
Computer, where is Jason Vigo?
Jason Vigo is in holodeck four.
Would you wait outside?
- Not bad.
- I like climbing.
There's something about actually
having your fate in your own hands.
Yeah, I know.
It looks as though we may have
found out how to locate Bok's ship.
This could all soon be over.
You came up here
just to tell me that?
I thought
it would make you feel better.
Thanks. That was nice of you.
Jason, when your mother and I parted,
I lost track of her completely.
But I would like to know what
happened to her, if you'd tell me.
- Like what?
- How did you end up on Camor?
It's an unlikely place
for a woman and child.
You know how she was.
See a stray cat, take it in.
See somebody cold,
give them your coat.
Yes. That was Miranda, alright.
She'd heard about all the children
orphaned on Camor,
from the Cardassian war.
I see.
I was only ten when we went there.
I remember her telling me
all about the boys and girls that
didn't have anyone to care for them.
So she got this big house.
Practically falling apart.
Then she started
rounding up children.
Eventually, there were over 40 of us.
She called it a school.
You know,
she got up before dawn every day
and went to bed well after midnight.
In between,
she never stopped working.
She taught us all how to read.
And she grew vegetables in hardpan
to feed us.
And she made sure
we knew how to sing.
It's important
in a place like Camor.
And then, one day she was attacked...
...by two men in the street
in broad daylight
for the food she was carrying.
If she'd just given it to them, they
probably wouldn't have hurt her.
But she knew how important
the food was to us.
So they killed her.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be sorry for me.
My mother made sure
we were tough enough to make it.
Jason, isn't there some way
that I can be a father to you?
My own father and I were estranged.
He wanted me to stay at home
and tend the vineyards
and I wanted to join Starfleet.
And he died before
we could come to terms with that.
And I've regretted that
all of my life.
I don't want the same thing
to happen to you and me.
You don't understand.
I'm not anybody you'd want for a son.
Trust me, if you knew anything about
me, you wouldn't be trying so hard.
- You're so wrong.
- Really?
Let me spell it out for you.
I've been in trouble
since I was a teenager. I lie.
I steal.
I use people. I'm a criminal.
That's what your son is.
I know.
You do?
Yes. I know all about your troubles
with the Camor authorities.
You do?
It doesn't make any difference,
Jason. You're still my son.
And, like it or not, I'm your father.
I don't know what that means.
I know it means something.
There's some connection.
But one thing is clear.
You'll never look at your hairline
again in the same way.
You wanted to see me.
Yes. It's about Jason.
I've finished the microcellular scan
I was running.
There's something you need to know.
Sensors are detecting a subspace
carrier wave headed for the ship.
Its signature is consistent
with Bok's transporter.
See if you can trace it.
Locate Bok's ship.
- Geordi, are you ready?
- I've got a
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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