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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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as this thing with Bok
is over, I'm leaving.
So don't you see?
There really isn't any point
in our getting acquainted.
Let me know
as soon as you catch him, alright?
Captain's log, stardate 47829. 1.
We've been in the X endi Kabu system
for over three hours
and still no sign of Bok.
I'm detecting an object 5,000
kilometres off our starboard bow.
It is another probe.
Why didn't we detect it before?
It must have been cloaked, sir.
It came out of nowhere.
On screen.
Is it another holographic device?
I do not believe so.
- The probe systems are overloading.
- Red alert. Shields up.
Damage report.
No damage, sir.
I do not believe it was meant
as an attack, but as a message.
A message?
Yes, sir. In B'zal, a Ferengi code
using patterns of light and darkness.
Can you translate it?
I am attempting to do so.
The message reads,
"My revenge is at hand."
He's proved that he can get to us
whenever he wants.
Why doesn't he do something?
Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
If you want me to stay and talk,
you'd better not call Security
this time.
How do you like your boy, Captain?
Is he everything you'd hoped for?
It's a risky game, coming here.
Next time, we'll be ready for you.
Why don't we settle this now?
And how do you propose to do that,
Picard? You murdered my son!
In self-defence.
He fired on my ship.
You were in Ferengi space.
I didn't know that. If he'd told me,
I would have withdrawn.
I'm sorry, but there's nothing
I can do to bring him back.
How touching.
Your apology is worthless to me. I
demand that you repay me for my loss.
You cannot put a price on a life.
But you can, Picard.
You can pay me with your son's life.
- No.
- You don't have any choice.
I insist on being paid.
That should do it. Let's run
a level-three bioscan to be sure.
Rhodes to sickbay. Medical
emergency, deck nine, section four.
Let's go.
Have you had
any seizures like this before?
No. Not really. Sometimes,
my hand shakes, but never this bad.
When did it first start to happen?
A few months ago. Do you have
any idea what's wrong with me?
You have Forrester-Trent syndrome.
It's a degenerative neurological
disorder, very rare.
What do you mean degenerative?
If it goes untreated, it could result
in paralysis, even death.
I'm going to start you
on a neuro-stabilisation regimen.
If we're lucky,
it will halt the degeneration
and maybe reverse its effects.
The disease is hereditary. Was
your mother prone to these seizures?
Not that I know of.
There have been cases reported
where the disease
was instigated by a random mutation.
I'll run a microcellular scan
and see if that's what happened.
In the meantime, I want you to try
to take it easy and get some rest.
- Is he going to be alright?
- I wish I could say for certain.
But I'm not sure
how he'll respond to treatments.
I've been thinking about
what you said the other day
and, you know,
I think you were right.
I had convinced myself that Jason
didn't want me to reach out to him.
You know, I don't think anyone
is born knowing how to be a parent.
You figure it out as you go.
The one quality that's a requirement
for parenthood is patience.
Well, I'm not sure
that that is going to be enough.
I've found out
that Jason has a criminal record.
It's nothing very serious.
It's only petty theft and so forth,
but I can't help feeling that
if I had been part of his life,
then he wouldn't be so troubled now.
Maybe. But why waste time blaming
yourself for not being there?
Just be here for him now.
And be patient.
And be patient.
We think we've found something.
Bok was in contact with this chair
for an extended period.
It is showing
a distinctive subspace signature.
We think he's using
some kind of subspace transporter
to beam aboard the Enterprise.
My understanding is that
such devices were impractical.
The Federation
abandoned its research
because the technology was unreliable
as well as energy intensive.
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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