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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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course. Take us out of orbit.
- Jean-Luc, come in.
- I think I need to talk to a parent.
So, what's he like?
I'm not sure that I can tell you.
He puts up so many barriers,
I have no idea what is underneath.
He's had 20 years to be angry
that his father wasn't there.
It's gonna take time
to get over those feelings.
But I do think it's possible.
Perhaps. But surely it would be
wrong to force the issue.
My sense is that he is
a very independent young man.
Perhaps it would be best
if I left him alone.
Let him come to me if he wants to.
Maybe you're right.
But I think
you should consider this.
Are you doing the best thing
for Jason or what's easiest for you?
Hello, Jason.
I'm Deanna Troi, Ship's Counsellor.
Come in. Did Capt Picard
ask you to come talk to me?
No, I just thought
I'd see how you were doing.
A lot's happened in the last few
hours. I thought you'd like to talk.
I'll be alright. People
have wanted to kill me before.
But you've never
met your father before.
And I have to admit,
I never thought I would.
It must be somewhat overwhelming.
- I'm a little shaky.
- That's only natural.
But you know what? I feel better
already just talking to you.
So how did you feel about
the Captain, about your father?
He's OK. A little stiff.
But where are you from?
I was born on Betazed.
Do all the women there
have eyes like yours?
Jason, I came here to talk to you
because I'm the Ship's Counsellor.
If you don't want to talk to me
in that way, then I should go.
You can make an appointment
to come to my office.
Maybe I'll do just that.
Picard! Can you hear me?
I will kill him, Picard.
And there's nothing
you can do about it.
Captain's quarters, immediately.
How could he
have beamed through the shields?
I'm not sure he did.
Sensors show no sign of an intruder.
Was it another hologram?
I don't think so, Captain.
Something has to generate a hologram.
We would have detected it.
Bok once used a mind-control device
to make me hallucinate.
That device emitted a specific energy
signature. I'm not reading that.
Could he have modified it
so he could use it undetected?
Possibly. I'll recalibrate to scan
for low-intensity transmissions
and sweep your quarters
with a resonance scanner.
Good. Keep me posted.
Mr Worf, I want you to
assign a security detail to Jason.
And what about yourself?
I am not the target of Bok's threats.
Jason is.
Captain, I have compiled all records
about Jason Vigo's criminal record.
Criminal record?
Yes, sir. He has been charged
three times with petty theft,
twice for disorderly conduct, and
several dozen times for trespassing.
I believe the charges
relate to his climbing activities
in the caves
beneath the planet's surface.
This is the information
you requested, is it not?
Thank you, Mr Data.
- What was your name again?
- Lt Rhodes.
Actually, I meant your first name.
Well, Sandra, do you think
you could give me some room?
We're supposed to be
keeping an eye on you.
Can't you do it from over there?
Good morning.
I thought you said your ship was the
safest place to be. Why the guards?
Because Bok
appeared in my quarters last night.
It might not have been him.
It may have been an image.
We're investigating.
Look, just drop me off somewhere.
I can watch out for myself.
- That wouldn't be wise.
- I've done it since I was 15.
I'm sure you have,
but Bok is a dangerous creature.
He has a starship.
He has technology...
Alright. I'll stay here.
You seem to like rock climbing.
The holodeck can create
very challenging climbs.
I could go with you and show you
how to use the program.
Thanks, but I think I can
figure it out myself.
We could climb together.
I'm probably not as skilled as you,
but I'm not inexperienced.
Look, I'm sorry. I appreciate what
you're trying to do. But, Captain...
Captain. Father. Jean-Luc. I don't
know what I'm supposed to call you.
As soon
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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