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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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from 40 years in the future.
K'mtar, tell me the truth,
or I will kill you.
Look at me. When we first met,
you said I looked familiar.
Maybe I saw you on the Homeworld.
No! Look closely. I am your son.
If you are Alexander,
you will remember your mother's
last words before she died.
I was three years old.
She was dying when we found her.
She barely managed
to whisper my name.
And then she took my hand
and placed it in yours.
Then she died.
And then you howled in rage
and said,
"Look upon her. Look upon death
and always remember."
And I always have.
How have you done this,
come to this time?
I met a man in the Cambra system.
He gave me a chance
to change the past.
He had the ability
to send me to this time.
You came here to end your own life?
I was hoping
that I would not have to,
that I could change things,
that I could change myself.
But I could not.
Now everything is going
to turn out like it did before.
I cannot let that happen.
But why? What will happen
that is so terrible?
You will be killed
because I was too naive,
too weak to be able to protect you.
I do not believe that.
I was there! I saw you murdered.
I was to blame.
- You must not blame yourself.
- You don't understand.
I did not become a warrior.
I was a diplomat, a peacemaker.
When it came
my time to lead our family,
I thought that
I could single-handedly
end the fighting
between the great houses.
I announced that the House of Mogh
would end the feuding,
that there would be
no more retribution or revenge.
You tried to warn me, to tell me
I should not show weakness.
But I thought
you were a foolish old man.
I told you that you were a relic
from an earlier time
and that a new era of peace
was at hand.
But you were right.
My enemies saw my weakness
and moved against me.
And unless I stop it right now,
that boy will see his father killed
on the floor
of the Great Council Chamber.
That is why you wanted
to turn him into a warrior.
I staged the assassination attempt
to try and frighten him,
to make him realise that he
must follow the ways of the warrior.
If I had listened to you,
if I become the warrior
that you had wanted me to be...
...you would not have died in my arms.
No. Who knows the future will be
now that you have disrupted time?
I may die tomorrow.
I may outlive you.
But when I die, I would like
an honourable death.
The only way that is possible is for
you to accept yourself as you are
and stay true to what you believe.
The cause of peace is a just cause.
The struggle must continue.
It is a futile struggle.
I cannot change things.
You have already changed things
more than you realise.
- The boy I was has not changed.
- But I have.
You have given me
a glimpse into my son's future,
and I know now
that he has his own destiny.
And I believe it will be a great one.
I love you, Father.
And I, you, Alexander.
I've been waiting. Where's K'mtar?
He had to leave. He was called away.
He never said goodbye.
He asked me to say goodbye for him.
He wanted me to tell you,
no matter what you do with your life,
he will always care for you.
- When will I see him again?
- It may be a long time.
- We should start practice.
- Alexander.
There will be plenty of time
for training.Report.
There's an object of some kind
closing in on our position.
On screen.
It appears to be an unmanned probe,
about half a metre in diameter.
No identifiable armaments.
Captain, we are being...
You are being hailed, by name.
Open a channel.
This is Capt Jean-Luc Picard...
I am reading a power surge.
Shields up.
The beam contains
holographic imaging information.
It's trying to project something.
Isolate the bandwidth.
Let the signal through the shields.
I trust you remember me, Picard.
Because I haven't forgotten you,
or how you murdered my son.
For 15 years now, I've thought
about how to avenge his death.
But nothing I could do to you could
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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