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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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at him!
He did not care that you showed him
mercy. He was going to kill you!
K'mtar, that is enough.
If this was real,
he'd be dead by now.
- We are approaching Kalla III.
- Standard orbit.
Any evidence of a mining expedition?
A shaft has been cut
through the crust.
There is evidence of machinery
but it is not in use.
- Life signs?
- Difficult to say.
The magnesite
is interfering with bioreadings.
Assemble an away team.
- Who are you?
- Gorta. I am Gorta.
- Why are you on this planet?
- I crashed here.
Then you are denying involvement
in illegal mining?
Mining? So that's what
all this equipment is for.
We are looking
for two Klingon women. Sisters.
Lursa? B'Etor?
- Do you know where they are?
- We were hoping you did.
Maybe I do.
Would you share that with us?
My personal code of conduct
prohibits sharing.
But I'd consider a trade.
Does your code tell you
that when you're stranded,
you shouldn't try to cut deals?
You have a point.
We could certainly provide passage
in exchange for information.
Could you perhaps fail
to tell the Pakleds
that we were mining their ore?
Don't push your luck.
But if you get us to the sisters,
I'll see.
The Duras sisters.
They are magnificent, aren't they?
- Where are they now?
- Selling the ore, I imagine.
They took everything.
The ore, the ship.
Where have they gone?
We were going to sell the ore to an
Yridian trader in the Ufandi system.
Gather your belongings.
It is time to leave.
Like I said, they took everything.
I am sorry about what happened.
I should not have gotten so angry.
It's just that I am worried
about Alexander.
As am I.
Kurn told me that his mother
actively discouraged him
exploring his Klingon heritage.
When he came to live with me,
he knew nothing of our ways.
He often reminds me of the things
his mother said to him.
I try not to disregard her wishes.
I want him to honour his mother.
Someday, he will appreciate you
and be grateful
for all that you have done for him.
But still,
compared to other boys his age,
his fighting skills are years behind.
Yes, I know.
He does not put in the time
it takes to learn the skills.
I thought that you might send him
to the training academy at Ogat.
Your brother is an influential man.
I'm sure
he could get Alexander admitted.
I am only thinking
of what is best for the boy.
There, he would learn our ways.
He would live like a Klingon.
I would like him to learn our ways.
This is his home.
How can you expect him
to lead our family
when all he knows is life
aboard a Federation starship?
He is my son. He belongs with me.
The boy is more human than Klingon.
If he stays here,
he will never be a warrior.
He will never defend our family
- Against its enemies.
- Enough! The decision is mine.
Not necessarily. It's within
my rights to invoke ya'nora kor.
You would question my fitness
to raise my son?
For the good of our house, yes.
I beg of you,
please stop thinking of yourself.
It is Alexander
we should be considering.
Look into your heart
and do what is best for him.
Kahless was determined
to teach his brother a lesson
because he had told a lie.
But Morath refused to fight him
and instead ran away.
Kahless pursued him across
the valleys,
over the mountains
and down to the edge of the sea.
There, at the shore,
they fought for...
...12 days, 12 nights.
I've heard this story before.
Alexander, it is important
to tell these stories,
even though we already know them.
Why was Kahless so mad about the lie?
It made him look like a coward.
If Kahless had explained,
they wouldn't have to fight about it.
- You miss the point.
- Was Morath wrong to run away?
Maybe he didn't want to have
to fight his brother and kill him.
He ran because he was a coward.
- How do you know?
- No more questions.
These are our stories.
It is important for a warrior
to learn
how to interpret them properly.
- I'm
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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