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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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There is the Klingon outpost
on Maranga IV.
They'll be celebrating the festival.
But the outpost is on the other side
of the Vodrey Nebula.
It would take three days by shuttle.
The Enterprise could be there
in a fraction of the time.
I could not ask you...
Stellar Dynamics would like
a trip around the nebula.
Thank you, sir.
Who's that?
It is the tyrant Molor.
He was so strong,
no one could stand against him.
What's he saying?
He is asking if anyone else
will stand up to Molor.
What is this?
You wounded me.
- You fought well.
- What happens now?
Only one man
can stand against Molor.
It's Kahless.
Kahless would rather die
than live under Molor's tyranny.
- Where have you been?
- We watched the fire dancers.
- We?
- K'Nor and Bar'el.
They live here. I need some money.
What for?
The man there says he has Molor's
head in a box. The real Molor.
That is impossible.
The real Molor died centuries ago.
I know. It's mummified.
He'll show us for 50 darseks.
- He is trying to take your money.
- Please. He's waiting.
No. It is too late. We should go.
- But...
- Alexander. That is enough.
Come. It is time to go.
I have to say goodbye to my friends.
See your friends tomorrow.
- We're coming back?
- If you want to.
- You are too much for them.
- I have seen you before.
- Who are you?
- A friend.
You are K'mtar.
Your brother sent me here
to protect you.
- He is gin'tak to the House of Mogh.
- Gin'tak?
An adviser so trusted,
he is part of the family.
Do you know
who was behind the attack?
It is a Klingon matter.
It is not your concern.
One of my officers was almost
killed. That makes it my concern.
Recently, rumours began to circulate
on the Homeworld
that an assassination attempt
would be made on the family of Mogh.
Kurn sent me here to make
sure nothing happened to Worf.
Why didn't you warn him
before the attack?
I tried to contact him over subspace.
I was told he was not aboard.
I decided to beam directly
to the surface.
Why didn't you let us know?
Forgive me for being blunt,
but when it comes
to protecting the house
to which I have pledged my life...
...I trust no one.
I have full confidence
in the officers with whom I serve.
One of the attackers
dropped this dagger.
The design
represents the House of Duras.
We have other evidence
that indicates the Duras sisters,
Lursa and B'Etor, were behind it.
What were they after?
Kurn's seat on the Council,
of course.
We cannot allow their attack
to go unanswered.
First, we must find them.
At one point, they were on
Deep Space Nine,
trying to sell explosives.
That was months ago. No one knows
where they went from there.
Maybe we can find them.
We've arranged for quarters
if you'd like to stay.
I would.
Worf and I have much to discuss.
I will send Kurn a message
telling him what happened.
But he will not receive it for days.
He's gone...
Why did you treat Cmdr Riker
disrespectfully? You were rude.
I may have been rude by human
standards. I meant no disrespect.
What is the matter, Worf?
Have you been living so long
among humans
that you have forgotten
how Klingons behave?
I have not forgotten. Their ways
are different than ours.
I trust your son
is aware of that fact.
- Yes, of course.
- Good.
Because Alexander may be called upon
to lead the House of Mogh.
Kurn has no male heir.
He wants to make sure
that Alexander is preparing himself.
Does my brother doubt my ability
to raise my son as a Klingon?
But you are alone among humans.
It cannot be easy to keep our ways.
- Well, it has not been easy.
- How are his fighting skills?
- Can he handle a bat'leth?
- He is learning.
- He could be better.
- He must.
He is nearing the Age of Ascension.
Actually, Alexander has not committed
himself to the rite.
I have tried to explain how important
it is, but he will not listen to me.
Perhaps together, you and I,
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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