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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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in Starfleet.
But when Dad said not to follow him,
it just made so much sense.
Everything is so clear now.
Maybe it is partly my fault.
We didn't realise
the pressure we put on you
to be exactly
what we expected you to be.
I don't blame you at all.
This is my decision.
It always has been.
You know that alien from Tau Ceti,
who controlled
warp fields with his mind?
The Traveller?
He told Capt Picard a long time ago
that you were special, like Mozart.
And that you were destined
for something different from us.
Maybe this is the first step.
I love you.
I love you, too, Mom.
- You shouldn't be here, Wesley.
- Why?
Get down.
Bring them here.
- Why take these men prisoner?
- They have no right to be here.
The terms of the treaty
gives them the right.
We don't recognise that treaty.
Worf to Picard.
An armed group of Indians
has taken two Cardassian prisoners.
The situation is volatile.
- Request instructions.
- Stand by, Mr Worf.
Have your ship beam
your people out of there.
My people? What about these Indians?
They've taken hostages.
This is our planet. We will not
be chased away by an unruly crowd.
- Gul Evek to the Vetar.
- This is Glinn Telak.
Two of our men
have been taken prisoner.
Prepare to send an armed squad
to occupy the village.
Gul Evek.
They are Federation citizens.
I am sworn to protect them.
If you attack that village,
my security forces will respond.
I hope you realise the consequences
of firing on Cardassian troops?
Yes, I do.
That is why we must
stop this now before it's too late.
I cannot allow you to hold
these men as prisoners.
You have no authority here.
What happened?
Did you do this?
I didn't do anything. You did.
I did?
You pulled yourself
out of their time.
- You took the first step.
- My first step to where?
To another plane of existence,
another way of thinking.
- I don't understand.
- You've found a new beginning.
The first step on a journey
that few humans will ever take.
Who are you?
The Traveller.
I've waited a long time
for this moment, Wesley.
So all those things
I saw in the Habak...
...my father, and the things
he said to me, that was your doing?
I merely opened the door for you.
What you experienced
came from your own mind,
your own spirit, if you wish.
I hoped that you would
open your mind, and you did.
You pulled yourself out of time.
You've evolved to a new level.
You're ready to explore places
where thought and energy combine
in ways you can't even imagine.
And I will be your guide.
If you would like.
What about them?
I can't just leave them like this.
They must find their own destinies.
It's not our place to interfere.
Have faith in their abilities
to solve their problems on their own.
The Cardassian ship
is powering its weapons.
Vetar to Gul Evek.
Our troops are under attack.
What are your orders?
Evek, the last war
caused massive destruction
and cost millions of lives.
Don't send our two peoples
down that path again.
The future lies in your hands
right now.
Give us one last chance for peace.
Gul Evek, what are your orders?
Can we open fire?
Evek to the Vetar.
Lock on our troops on the surface
and beam them aboard.
- But they've been fired upon.
- Those are my orders.
Beam up the away team immediately.
I lost two of three sons in the war,
I don't want to lose the last one.
I want to be absolutely sure
that you understand the implications.
By giving up your status
as Federation citizens,
any future request you
or your people make to Starfleet
will go unanswered.
You will be on your own
and under Cardassian jurisdiction.
I understand, Captain.
We are prepared to take that risk.
Will the Cardassian government
honour your agreement here?
I believe I can convince them
that this is an equitable solution.
I cannot speak for every Cardassian,
but if you leave us alone,
I suspect that we will do the same.
Will this be acceptable
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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