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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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consider anything sacred.
Look around us.
What do you think
is sacred to us here?
Maybe the necklace you're wearing?
The designs on the walls?
Everything is sacred to us.
The buildings, the food,
the sky,
the dirt beneath your feet.
And you.
Whether you believe in your spirit
or not, we believe in it.
You are a sacred person here, Wesley.
That's the first time anyone's used
that word to describe me.
So, if you are sacred, then you must
treat yourself with respect.
To do otherwise is to desecrate
something that is holy.
Is that what you think
I've been doing?
Only you can decide that.
I guess I haven't had
a lot of respect for myself lately.
Then perhaps it's time
for your own vision quest to begin.
Anthwara, I regret that
we have not reached an agreement.
But, and I must be blunt,
I cannot take no for an answer.
This planet will be handed over
to the Cardassian government
in accordance with the terms
of the border agreement.
I'm very sorry,
but you will have to leave.
And if we do not?
Then I will be forced to remove you
by whatever means are necessary.
We know you will not take us
from this land.
I may regret it, but I am not able...
When you first came to us,
we did not know
why you were sent by the Federation,
but we knew there must be
a good reason.
To us, nothing that happens
is truly random.
So, we searched for the true reason
you were sent
but did not find it until last night.
Are you familiar
with the Pueblo Revolt of 1680?
I am.
Several Indian tribes rose up
to overthrow their Spanish overlords
and drove them out of New Mexico.
Ten years later, the Spanish
returned to reconquer the area.
They were brutal.
I would use the word "savage."
They killed hundreds of our people.
Thousands more were maimed.
The name of one of the soldiers...
...was Javier Maribona-Picard.
Your ancestor.
I'm not aware of this incident
or of the man you named.
This happened
more than 700 years ago.
I do not see what bearing...
That is why you have come to us,
to erase a stain of blood...
...worn by your family
for 23 generations.
Mr Worf. What is going on?
We have unwelcome visitors, sir.
I am Capt Picard of the Enterprise.
I am Gul Evek. What are
all these people still doing here?
The evacuation should be under way.
May I have a word with you? Alone.
As you wish. Wait here.
There should be no Cardassian
presence here for six weeks.
Your arrival may have upset
some delicate negotiations.
Negotiations? This has been settled.
What are you negotiating?
I will be happy to explain that.
For now,
I must ask you to leave immediately.
We have been sent
to perform a preliminary survey
of buildings and equipment.
I will not leave
until our mission is complete.
Very well. Complete your mission.
But remember,
this is Federation territory.
Until that changes, these people
are under my jurisdiction.
I will protect them.
- Is that a threat?
- It's a fact.
Bear that in mind
while you conduct your survey.
This is the Habak,
the focal point of our lives.
- Strangers are not welcome.
- When I asked to come here...
You're not a stranger.
I told you,
I've seen you here before.
- What are those figures?
- They are Mansara.
Dolls that represent the spirits
that come to this place.
- That one looks like a Klingon.
- Yes.
Our culture is rooted in the past,
but it's not limited to the past.
The spirits of the Klingon,
the Vulcan, the Ferengi
come to us just as the bear
and the coyote, the parrot.
- There's no difference.
- What should I do?
- Start the fire. Sit and wait.
- What am I waiting for?
This is your journey, Wesley.
I can open the door,
but only you can go through it.
Admiral, the Indian Council
is adamant. They refuse to leave.
Is there any indication the Council
will change their position?
- No, sir.
- Then I see no choice.
Admiral, they will resist
any attempt to remove them.
I strongly request an emergency
session of the
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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