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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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agreement is far from perfect.
Neither side got all they wanted.
But every side got something.
As someone once said,
diplomacy is the art of the possible.
Those colonies on the wrong side
of the border will be moved.
The colonists
won't be happy about that.
Some have been there for decades.
It won't be easy. But it's
a reasonable price for peace.
Your mission will be
to evacuate Dorvan V.
Dorvan V?
Isn't that where the group
of North American Indians settled?
Yes. They've been there
for about 20 years.
They've established a village
on the southern continent.
- Is something wrong?
- Admiral.
Centuries ago,
these North American Indians
were forcibly displaced
from their ancestral lands.
These settlers originally left Earth
more than 200 years ago
to preserve their cultural identity.
I am aware of that.
There are some disturbing
historical parallels here.
Once more, they are being asked
to leave their homes
because of a political decision
taken by a distant government.
An Indian representative was included
in the Federation Council.
His objections were noted, discussed,
but ultimately rejected.
The Indians on Dorvan
are a nomadic group
that settled there only 20 years ago.
At that time,
they were warned that the planet
was disputed by the Cardassians.
They never should have gone there.
Granted, but to go to them now
after 20 years,
and ask them to leave
what is now their home...
I made that argument
with the Federation Council.
It took three years
to negotiate this treaty.
Some concessions had to be made.
This was one.
What if these Indians refuse?
Then your orders are to remove them
by whatever means necessary.
I understand your moral objections,
If you wish, I can find someone else
to command this mission.
That will not be necessary, Admiral.
I don't envy you this task,
but it is for the greater good.
I understand.
And, Captain.
Thank you
for making me feel welcome.
You will always be welcome
aboard this ship.
Thanks, Ensign.
Wes. There you are.
Come here.
I've got something to show you.
Come on.
You gotta take a look at this.
Remember how we wanted
to improve quantum efficiency
with a plasma-dyne new relay?
Well, take a look at this.
You've only got one microfusion
Your converter interface
will never hold up.
I ran these diagnostics myself.
This baby will withstand over
500 Cochranes of warp-field stress.
I don't think so. Put
a second phase inverter in there.
Your subprocessor matrix
needs an overhaul.
That may be your opinion, Cadet,
but I stand by my work.
Read the latest paper
from Dr Vassbinder.
He has brilliant new theories
on warp-propulsion inter-relays.
He'd say this is obsolete.
I don't know what's gotten into you.
- Do you want my help or not?
- With this attitude, absolutely not.
You're dismissed.
Captain's log, supplemental.
The Enterprise is at Dorvan V.
I have spoken to the leader
of their council.
He will meet us this afternoon
to discuss the situation.
there is very little I can do.
The decision was made
at the highest level of Starfleet.
Do you know how long
we have searched for a home?
Almost 200 years.
Then we found this world.
Can you blame us
for not wanting to give it up?
I understand, and I respect
your long journey,
but I believe
that I can find you a new home.
Three other planets in this sector
have environmental conditions
similar to Dorvan V.
They're all uninhabited
and could be colonised immediately.
If none meet with your approval,
then we'll find other choices.
You do not understand, Captain.
The choice of this planet was not
only for environmental conditions.
There were other
more intangible concerns as well.
When I came here 20 years ago...
...I was welcomed by the mountains,
the rivers, the sky.
Anthwara, he is laughing at you.
He thinks you're talking
about superstition and nonsense.
This is not true.
I have deep
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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