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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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You and Voval are working together.
Only he could have
brought you the necklace.
Tell me about your love or I'll jump!
Go ahead. Why don't you do it?
It's a long way down.
Must be 200 metres.
You'd die instantly,
if that's what you want.
But I don't think that it really is.
- I have failed.
- Failed?
Voval, what is going on?
My name is Ambassador Voval.
My mission was
to study human intimacy,
specifically the concept
you call love.
We did not understand
certain of your concepts.
So we sent three representatives
to study them, to experience them.
But why did you believe
that bringing me here
would give you
a better understanding of love?
Several years ago, we discovered
the Terellian freighter.
It contained logs written by
a single survivor, a human woman.
That was our first contact
with human culture.
She lived alone here for seven years
until another human crashed,
a human male.
And the man was injured
and she nursed him back to health
and they fell in love.
In the logs, she described concepts
we found difficult to understand.
Pleasure, antagonism, love.
These were alien to us.
We wished
to experience them ourselves.
Loquel was sent
to experience pleasure.
Byleth was sent
to experience antagonism.
And I was sent to experience love.
Was this wrong?
Let me just say that...
...we would not take
such a direct approach.
Ambassador, I have to tell you
that in my culture...
...what you have done
would be considered a crime.
Well, we'll talk about it later.
For now, I think
we should get off this planet.
Am I right in assuming
that the damage to the shuttle
is not as bad as it seems?
Correct. We can leave at any time.
I think that now would be quite nice.
You look sore.
Lt Worf kindly engaged me in 11 hours
of holodeck battle exercises.
11 hours!
Yes, I learnt a lot
about the concept of antagonism.
It was excruciating.
These are bioenzymatic supplements
we consume for food.
I'm afraid they're not
as delicious as your chocolate.
After the past few days,
I could use something a little bland.
Goodbye, Ambassador.
- Fascinating species!
- Indeed.
Thank you, Captain. This has been
an enlightening experience.
For me as well, Ambassador.
I'm sorry if our
diplomatic methods offended you.
No, on the contrary,
I found your approach intriguing.
We humans tend to take a rather
balanced approach towards life.
Never too much, never too little.
And it's very nice to find a culture
that is willing
to take an experience
to its furthest extreme.
- Goodbye, Captain.
- Ambassador.- Geordi, have you found it?
- Not yet.
I'm starting to get some fumes.
Ammonia, chlorine,
potassium chloride.
I can feel the heat from here.
- There it is.
- How far?
About ten metres up the ODN line.
Boy, it's hot.
I'd say over 2,000 degrees.
I'm going in.
We're OK. I've activated
the emergency suppression system.
His vital functions
are completely normal.
The interface unit is operating
within normal parameters.
- Why did he start coughing?
- Psychosomatic response.
I feel like I'm actually here.
I mean there, in the Jefferies tube.
When I saw the smoke,
I couldn't help but cough.
No one has ever had
so complete a sensory experience.
The interface is perfect for him.
His visor inputs allow the probe
to transmit directly
to his cerebral cortex.
It looks like this is going to work.
Geordi, I'd like to get the probe
out of the Jefferies tube
and onto the launch bay
before we reach Marijne Vll.
Will do.
Wait a minute.
Something's wrong.
Can't get my left leg to work.
What is it?
The probe responds to any movement
Geordi intends to make.
When his brain says move his leg,
the interface should move the probe.
The tactile sensors must be too low.
I will increase the input.
There it goes.
I'm on my way down.
- Why the bodysuit?
- It provides tactile sensations.
Geordi feels he is in the same
environment as
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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