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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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believe so.
For some reason, the intron virus
was not passed on to the kittens.
I do not know why.
If I remember my biology,
several immune systems
come into play in the mother's womb
to protect the foetus
from viral infections.
True. Placental barriers, maternal
antibodies and amniotic fluids
all serve as a filtration system.
Maybe we could have inhibited
the virus
by using the natural antibodies
in Spot's amniotic fluid.
It would take further research.
But to be effective
on humanoid crew,
humanoid antibodies
would be necessary.
We should locate a pregnant humanoid.
Nurse Ogawa
has recently become pregnant.
Where is she?
I have traced her signal
to deck 17, section 21 Alpha.
The arboretum.
One of the warp plasma vents
has failed.
Main Engineering has been abandoned.
There is no one there to fix it.
I can repair the damaged plasma vent
from here.
I'm going to check the status
of the warp core.
What was that?
I believe it was Lt Barclay.
He was partially transformed
into an arachnid.
- A spider?
- Yes, sir.
Are you alright, Captain?
I have these intense feelings
of fear...
...and panic.
I feel as if I were being watched.
I can't explain it.
You may be experiencing
the initial stages of transformation.
Early primates
were often prey to carnivores.
As a result, their instincts included
a heightened sense of awareness.
In that case, my instincts tell me
that we'd better hurry.
Captain, I have analysed
Nurse Ogawa's embryo.
It is unaffected by the virus.
I believe I can use
her amniotic fluid as a retrovirus.
It would neutralise
the synthetic T-cell
and re-establish
the genetic patterns.
How soon?
It will not take long
to isolate the material.
I will need the sickbay computer.
What was that?
It is large.
Approximately 200 kilograms.
It is heavily armoured
with an exoskeleton.
Life signs appear to be Klingon.
Set your phaser on heavy stun.
We cannot be certain
a stun setting will work.
A higher setting might kill him.
Listen to that.
He sounds very angry,
really aggressive.
What do you think he wants?
Do you think he's responding
to some predatory instinct?
Do you think he sees us as prey?
There are crew members
in the corridors and other sectors.
It would be easier to consume one
of them than to break through a door.
Then what does he want?
Predators use vocalisations
to frighten other predators,
and to mark territory,
and to commence mating process.
A mating process.
Troi was bitten by a Klingon,
but nowhere
that was life-threatening.
Not near a major artery or organ.
Data, look at this.
Look at this injury.
This wound was never intended
to give her serious harm.
What are you suggesting?
Is it possible that Worf sees Troi
as his mate?
If that is true,
he is trying to reach her now.
We can't leave.
We have to protect her.
We have to work on the retrovirus.
If we could distract him
or lure him away from her...
The mating instinct is quite strong
in Klingon biology.
I am not certain
what would be effective.
Klingons have
a powerful sense of smell.
If we could duplicate
Deanna's pheromones
and convince him
that she was no longer in sickbay...
I'm extracting a blood sample
from a sebaceous gland
where the pheromones are produced.
I can activate the pheromones
with a bioactivant solution.
Can you amplify the pheromones
to be more powerful than her scent?
I believe this will produce
the desired effect.
I will use it to draw Worf away.
You must go on working
on the retrovirus. I'll go.
Captain, that is unwise.
Worf may be faster...
No time to argue.
Deck 17.
Computer, display progress
of genetic resequencing.
Genetic resequencing in progress.
DNA to 70 percent normal.
Computer, increase nucleotide
substitution by 32 percent.
Data to Capt Picard.
- Go ahead, Data.
- The retrovirus is working.
I can release it in a gaseous state.
However, it will take time
to take effect.
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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