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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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you're with me.
Captain, the shuttle pilot on duty
is Lt Hayes.
I happen to be
a reasonably qualified pilot.
Besides, these tests hardly require
the Captain's personal attention.
Understood. Enjoy yourself.
Mr Worf.
I think that you should consider
analysing your new guidance system.
Captain, I will need
to attend to a personal matter.
It may take several days
for us to complete our mission.
I would prefer a human
to supervise the birthing process.
Well, I'd be honoured.
You are the only other member
of the crew who Spot seems to like.
Really? That's hard to believe.
You're such a sweet little kitty.
She is to you.
However, there have been several
injuries to other members of the crew
who have attempted to care for Spot.
- So, has she picked a place?
- A place?
Cats usually like to pick
a specific location to give birth.
It's usually dark and secluded.
And I believe
that this is it.
I'm curious, sir. Who's the father?
I am not certain.
Spot has escaped
on several occasions,
and there are 12 male felines
on board.
I intend to run a full DNA analysis
on the kittens...
Picard to Data.
Report to shuttlebay two.
On my way, sir.
Goodbye, Spot.
I believe you are in good hands.
You have nothing to worry about, sir.
I have performed 13 diagnostics
on the weapons array.
I can find nothing wrong.
I'll have Geordi run a diagnostic
on the torpedo bay.
Must you stand so close to me?
Lieutenant, are you alright?
Yes, I'm fine.
You're not. You've been working
for six hours. Take a break.
- But...
- That's an order.
Thanks for waiting.
Do not approach me unannounced
when I'm eating.
We were meant
to be having lunch together.
- I was hungry.
- I'm hungry, too. Excuse me.
Could I have
an order of Ongilin caviar?
- Make that a double order.
- Certainly.
Caviar? For lunch?
I'm in the mood for something salty.
Besides, it's no stranger
than what you're eating.
Have you noticed how dry the air is
on the ship?
Are the environmental controls
set properly?
You're excused.
Here you go.
Is something wrong?
It has been a difficult day.
The torpedo guidance system failed.
It was my fault.
- You always say that.
- It was my fault!
I designed that guidance system!
Worf, calm down.
I think you're under more stress
than you admit.
Maybe you should get some rest.
Perhaps you are right.
If you will excuse me...
I didn't mean right now.
We removed the guidance module.
There's a fluctuation
in the forward sensor cluster.
We think it may be
a radial imbalance.
We want to run a diagnostic
but we have to shut down power.
Wait a minute. Slow down.
Which sensor cluster?
The forward. A power fluctuation
in the converter nodes.
It's a minor adjustment.
It's all here on this diagram,
I'll look this over later.
Run your diagnostic.
I'll inform the other departments
about the power systems.
I'll check that.
He's full of energy today.
He won't slow down.
He's been like that since last night.
Looks like a plasma conduit
cut out in junction 17.
- I'll go look at it.
- I'll go with you. Keep you posted.
Computer, increase ambient
temperature by two degrees.
Increase relative humidity
by ten percent.
Computer, reset environmental
controls to standard.
Worf, it's freezing in here.
You have raised the temperature
three times. It is too hot.
Live with it. Computer,
execute my original command.
I need a bath. You have the bridge.
Here we are.
Looks like a ruptured conduit.
No problem. I'll just bypass it.
Reg, wait a second.
Take a look at these corroded edges.
It looks like something
has eaten right through the conduit.
There are high levels of
cholic acid here. Enzymatic agents.
You know, I wouldn't be surprised
if that solvent was organic.
Maybe we should run a biospectral
analysis on the solvent.
That's a very good idea,
but first we should take a break.
You go ahead. I'll take care of it.
Commander, we
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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