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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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and listen
to his mind for hours on end.
He told the stories telepathically?
My grandfather rarely spoke.
He said that was for off-worlders
and people
who didn't know any better.
Now, the only time I can remember
his stories
is when I go home
and sit by the fireplace.
Sometimes, when I'm alone there,
it's almost as if
I can hear his voice inside my head.
I, too, have sought visions in fire.
I can't explain it,
but it feels real to me.
Just like what happened
in the nacelle tube.
There are things we do not
understand. They exist, nonetheless.
Perhaps I should let you get
some rest.
- It's alright.
- No.
If you will excuse me,
- Mr Worf.
- Commander.
- Two Til'amin froths, please.
- Yes, sir.
Lt Corell seems to be enjoying
your company.
I'd like to think so.
Are you involved with her?
I'm not sure yet.
Why, are you interested in her?
No. But if I were, I would of
course discuss the situation with you
before proceeding further.
I appreciate it but that wouldn't
be necessary.
I'd never come between you
and someone you are involved with
or had ever been involved with.
Is there someone in particular
you mean?
No. Is there someone in particular
you'd rather I not be involved with?
Mr Worf, you sound like
you're asking to date my sister!
No, I was merely...
Never mind. Excuse me, sir.
- Could you open this door for me?
- Yes, but only for a short time.
After 90 seconds,
the plasma-venting system
engages to prevent degradation
of the force field.
I just want a quick look.
May I ask
what you're looking for?
I'm not sure.
Warning, plasma-venting system
will engage in 90 seconds.
No, no, please!
Please, please!
No, don't! No!
Warning. Plasma-venting system
will engage in 80 seconds.
Counsellor, are you alright?
Let's get out of here.
- Do you remember anything else?
- Yes, I think I do.
There was a tool crate on the floor.
It was labelled Utopia Planitia.
The shipyard where
the Enterprise was built.
Clearly, this was more
than an empathic echo.
It seems you were seeing something
that happened eight years ago.
Everyone was looking directly at me.
But it was as if I was seeing
through someone else's eyes.
Lt Kwan was partially empathic.
Maybe you were seeing
through his eyes.
It's possible,
but I don't see how it happened.
Well, putting that aside,
let's assume that,
by some inexplicable phenomenon,
you witnessed an event
that occurred to Lt Kwan.
Those faces you saw,
did you recognise any of them?
I've never seen the woman before.
Or the man who was with her.
But there was someone else there.
A man...
He was staring at me
in the most peculiar way.
I think he had reddish hair,
and he did seem familiar to me.
But it's all so hazy.
It's like trying to remember a dream.
There was a woman
who was frightened.
Then you saw her again, laughing,
presumably at Lt Kwan.
What does it all mean?
I don't know. But something
terrible happened there, I felt it.
Look through the personnel files
of Utopia Planitia.
See if you
recognise any of the faces.
If only I could go back into the room
without feeling overwhelmed.
It might help me remember
some relevant detail.
I could give you an inhibitor to
slow the production of psilosynine.
That might suppress
your empathic abilities
and make the experience manageable.
It would take about 16 hours
to synthesise.
- I'd like to try that.
- Very well, Counsellor.
I apologise for being late.
The viral medicines
we're taking to Barson II
require special security measures
to ensure they're contained.
Have you found anything?
There were thousands of people
involved in building the Enterprise.
Perhaps you should
narrow the search parameters.
I think I have.
The man who looked familiar
may have served on the Enterprise
in the last seven years.
I've limited the search
to personnel who served at Utopia
Planitia and on the Enterprise.
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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