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Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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We are going to get out of here.
The bet is ten.
That's to you, Ambassador.
I will see the bet
and raise ten.
I'm in for 20.
I'm in.
And I raise 20.
You are bluffing.
Excuse me, Ambassador.
Those are my chips.
You are in error. They are mine.
I saw you take two chips
from my pile.
You dare to accuse me of stealing?
You are lying because
you are losing the game.
I am losing because you have
been cheating all along!
Wait a minute! Calm down.
Even if I were cheating, how would
a plodding animal like you know it?
You are an insulting, pompous fool!
If you were not an ambassador,
I'd disembowel you here!
Do not let my title inhibit you,
Stop! Mr Worf! That is an order.
Very good!
Thank you.
Lt Worf, I think I understand now.
That was
a very effective demonstration.
If you'll excuse me, I would like
to document this experience.
This power cell is ready.
- We should take it to the shuttle.
- No!
- We can't leave right now.
- Why not?
The plasma storms are too strong.
It's dangerous.
Wait a few hours, then we can go.
We don't have a few hours.
I told you, this cell
is beginning to degenerate.
Jean-Luc, it's a difficult journey.
The restriction field
will make it hard for you to walk.
I'm feeling very much better.
In fact...
...I don't intend to go on
using this any longer.
You can't remove it yet.
There's no pain.
- I have no broken ribs after all.
- Jean-Luc...
What's going on?
Why are you trying to keep me here?
Please! I love you.
Why are you keeping me locked
in this freighter?
You say there are wild animals,
but I haven't heard or seen any.
- Jean-Luc!
- And the comm panel?
You said you damaged it
cutting it from the shuttle.
I find it hard to believe
that you would destroy the one thing
that could get you out of here.
And what was this really for?
To keep me immobilised?
I was afraid!
I didn't want you to leave me.
So it was necessary
to keep me captive?
I was scared.
I wanted you to stay to love me.
- I'll look for the shuttle myself.
- No!
- Anna!
- Don't fight me!
Anna, no!
You should love me now!
We're together!
We depend on each other.
I know more about you.
Love me!
Anna, stop!
I've failed. You don't love me.
It's over.
Anna, where are you going?
Hello! Is anyone in there?
Yes! Inside here.
- Hello!
- Inside the freighter!
The door is on the opposite side!
Over here! The door's over here!
- I thought you were dead.
- Dead?
Yes. There's a woman living here.
She said that she saw you dead.
Yes. That is understandable.
When my species is injured,
our metabolism slows until we heal.
This state
could be mistaken for death.
I see.
When you did not return,
I intended to track you.
Surface conditions
made it very difficult.
So cold!
I saw someone running.
Was it the woman?
- Why did she leave the shelter?
- She was upset.
Do you think she may harm herself?
There's a precipice nearby.
She was headed that way.
- It's possible.
- We should find her.
You stay here. Keep warm.
I'll look for her.
We will go together.
Captain, this ridge extends
for a kilometre in either direction.
We can search it
twice as fast if we separate.
Stay away from me!
You don't have to do this. Voval,
the shuttle pilot, is still alive.
He can help us get away from here.
I don't care.
I'll jump unless you promise
to love me.
No, I won't promise.
You have been manipulating me,
haven't you?
- Jean-Luc, what are you saying?
- The necklace.
It broke!
I saw it in the freighter on the
floor by the fire. I left it there.
Now it's around your neck.
It's whole. How?
Tell me you love me.
I must know.
Where's Voval?
Isn't it convenient that he arrived
moments after you left?
That he insisted I come here
to look for you?
That I find you, here on the ledge,
ready to jump?
It's good timing, don't you think?
Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение Звёздный путь: Следующее поколение

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