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you silent?
Sergei, leave the place, now!
- The whole place will soon blast!
- We'll take you with us.
Nobody can stop the bomb.
It has been launched by default
when you deleted TUPOS. Move!
Marge will show you the way out.
Dug, enough of senseless victims!
I know what you'll say.
I'm innocent. I will by justified by any jury...
Will the jury absolve me my sins?
- What sins?
- I murdered Michelli and Steve.
TUPOS? But we are his creators!
We've created it!
Of course we didn't mean to kill people, we meant to help them.
I never doubted it.
- You are a scientist!
- I am...
I should have thought of consequences!
I was crazy about my ideas..
I didn't notice the moment the experiment was turned the other way.
- Is "Mainhaus" president was resposible for that?
- You're right.
He ordered to change the software a bit.
The changes were minimal and I agreed.
Afterwards it was already late...
President dreamed of his own army.
that could obey him without hesitation
and TUPOS could heop him.
But the AI gained the personality and did its own way.
Thus we became its slaves.
Obedient murderers and killers.
Michelli was the first.
The others followed his gloomy path.
Dug, everything is over.
We wait for you.
Thanks, Sergei, don't.
Marge! Forgive me! I was too weak
to save you from it.
There are no kids and have never been.
There's past without future.
Go away!
You've got several minutes.
# You're my Earth,
# I feel your warmth
# with my heart
# When I'm blue
# I'll be back from the fartherst travels.
# And I'll hug you,
# My Earth!
# my Earth,
# Yours are
# the love and the beauty.
# My Earth,
# your kindness
# will be my life long support
# You are my Earth,
# There's nothing more to add.
# I owe you every thing I have.
# I'm happy to breath your fresh air,
# to look into your eyes.
# My Earth!
# Yours are
# the love and the beauty...
Spaceship Vaigach has
entered the duty
Spaceship captain - Lazarev.
Russian subtitles and timing: Eazin 
English subtitles: steelhawk 

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