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Don't hurry.
Did your research kill doctor Michelli?
He sacrified his life
To make you come.
We need a patrol spaceship.
I know your answer to this from the start, so I warn you:
All the people, including you, shall
obey us sooner or later!
Are you so sure?
Tell me what should I do?
Be my partner.
You kill the shields and we'll bring you to Earth.
If I don't...
We'll find the way to do it,
but I wouldn't give a penny to your life.
You got 2 hours to think it over.
TIme is out.
The order isn't approved yet.
You heartless iron box! What you know about friendship!
"Friendship" - means deep mutial understanding and trust.
It does! How can I leave my friends -
Sergei, Karel - behind?!
Spaceship captain order must be approved.
- Have you heard my proposal?
- I have, but I don't like it.
Tell me why don't you obey my
orders or I'll kill Margerie!
Follow me and you'll see yourself.
Orlov effect is quick to cease!
Don't lag behind! Move up!
If he keeps silent, I'll kill your kids.
You see?
No! NO! NO!
I warned you!
How can you avoid my control?
Damn, but of course!
Orlov effect! I should have guessed earlier!
Marge, calm down. I'm not going to kill your kids.
Now we're waiting for the captain.
In 2 hours they'll invite us to "Vaigach", they will.
Shut up!  I've heard your crap
about the approval for dozen times.
The communication is interfered. The planet orbit should be left.
How can we help the crew?
I got the only chance -
to make Steve remember the past,
his wife, his daughter, all his past life. 
It was our only chance for rescue.
Where did you get it?
I guess, it belongs to your doctor.
It's not his. The doctor got the pet.
a monkey TIna by name, - she used to play.
When Augusto Michelli attacked our spaceship, she died.
Augusto? Attacked?
At that moment I understood EVERYTHING.
All these people were subdued to the evil will,
that wanted to overtake us...
Wilkins was our only hope.
Daddy, don't go! Mom will cry.
She says you won't ome back!
I remember everything!
Sergei... Lazarev...
Go! Hurry!
I'll delay him!
Then I knew where to go and what to do.
Where's he?
Don't stop him, Dug.
Don't stop. I remembered everything.
We are the slaves of TUPOS.
Where's he?!
Boy, this is our old pal Lazarev!
- Where's he? - You won't go further!
Even Marge will fail
to help you.
Mister Captain,
where are you?
Your Orlov effect will expire
in a couple of minutes!
Come back and let's have a talk like gentlemen.
What else can protect from kappa-radiation
except Orlov effect?
What the f*ucking energy d'you mean?
Donor. You must have source of sy-energy.
Only sy-energy can penetrate all artificial
Danger! Such dose of sy-energy
can cause donor's dearth.
Why haven't you told about this, you stupid iron box?
I have been processing loads of information.
You can be donor.
But first you must approve
Commander's last order.
I'm ready, launch the programm!
Leave the orbit in 15 minutes.
Contact with Center is stable.
Good bye, spaceship! We've had great time together.
Good bye, you, brainless machine.
Sy-energy transfer cabin ready.
Start countdown...
Sergei, Gleb's speaking. Over!
Sergei, can you hear me? It's Gleb!
Vaigach has left the orbit. Can you hear?
Contact with Center established.
Sergei! Answer me!
We've met at last.
So, that is what you look like...
Artificial intellect,
who was created by the man and enslaved it's own creator!
How many victims have you killed?!
How many are you to kill in future?
I shall stop it!
Are you alright?
It wasn't me!
It wasn't me, I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry...
Where am I?
What is up with me?
Steve? Augusto?
Karl! We must find Cober and Wilkins, now!
Gentlemen, you don't have to look for me or Steve.
Steve is dead.
Why are

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