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d like you to be that person.
Listen up.
If you answer my question "What's new?"
"Nothing so far" it means the shield is OK.
If you feel the effect to cease,
humm a song.
I see.
I'll be driving you module from here.
You doubted, didn't you.
Karel, what's new?
Nothing so far.
It's time. Wait here.
Karel, can you hear me?
I can.
Don't worry about me.
Glad to see you, Marge.
Glad to see you, too.
Meet my collegue...
We've met before.
You've mistaken.
This way...
- I worried greatly about the kids. Are they OK?
- Steve turned out to be a good baby-sitter.
This is our home. Here everyone
can get everything he or she may want.
Be our guest.
Have you got any wishes?
Come on.
I've got no wishes.
I don't believe you.
Don't you want to report to your commander?
Karel, what's new?
Why don't you answer?
You do have a lot of things to tell.
Nothing so far.
Listen, what they heard in the spaceship:
Sergei! Gleb! I'm waiting for you!
I've met our friends here.
Karel has contacted!
Why have they been hiding from us so far, I wonder.
- I wonder the other thing.
- What exactly?
His voice sounds funny.
D'you recall the talk with the Center
and the stupid recommendations they gave us?
- You think it's a frame-up?
- Yes.
There was no connection with the Center.
I understood everything at the moment.
It gave me creeples just to think what was going on on the planet...
We had got to rescue Karel.
We hadn't enough time to work out the precise rescue plan.
- Ready!
- No, I shall go.
And you shall leave the orbit and go to the system fringe.
The connection to the Center may be better there.
Karel's protection is to cease within 2 hours.
I know. Start maneauvring the moment I leave the spaceship.
I'll stay in contact. But in case....
Don't you think about that!
Your hands.
We've got to do this.
Don't you feel like sharing something with us?
The platan shields system principle, may be?
I don't understand what you mean.
Don't you?
Perhaps, Marge will be smarter than you?
She doesn't know anything.
But you do!
So, you don't want it the good way?
Steve, have an eye at him!
Wait for the order to maneauvre.
Commander's order shall be confirmed
by crew member left in charge.
Wait, give me a couple of seconds.
- Why have we lost the contact with Commander?
- Line interference. Analyzing...
Marge, you've been in the spaceship already.
- Quiet, please!
- You must know everything about the shields.
You have been told to discover that.
Marge, honey!
You're a smart girl! Please!
- For the sake of our common past!
- I remember nothing!
In love, are you?!
He shall die if you don't remember!
I swear, I know nothing!
I swear by my kids!
I won't kill you.
I can't remember. I can't.
Steve, leave him. Go welcome our guests.
Here, stay where you are, mister Zdenek.
He isn't here, Marge.
Come back and trim youself
I wouldn't like our guests to see
you the way you look now.
Afternoon, Mr. Captain.
Hello, Mr. Wilkins.
Doctor Duglas Cober is awaiting you.
Boy, what an outfit?!
Who made you look
like an ancient Egyptian?
Feel yourself at home.
Wow...What a queer design!?
Glad to see you, Captain!
I know what you want to ask me about.
I'd like to know where's Karl Zdenek,
and is he OK for the first thing?
Are you satisfied?
Can he hear us?
You'll meet with him later.
Could I help you?
The cop wants to help the criminal?
D'you believe you're the one?
The new order era has dawned!
We'll build it!
That is what we're here for.
Augusto Michelli brought you here.
Your coming has been planned
long before the present.
You'll learn everything.
No, I'm not mad.
Get rid of the thought.
I can read your thoughts!
Do you know why did "Meinhaus"
president commit suicide?
Sure, I do. He was a coward.
He was the only man who knew what we worked on.


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