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Звёздный инспектор

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ones who landed.
We'll have enough time to capture hostages,
- We need the spaceship!
- What about Marge?
Don't worry about her.
Her mission is not over yet.
We'll bring her back out of there afterwards.
The main thing is that we are in control of the
contact between "Vaigach" and the Center.
Understood, Lazarev.
Be careful and go on
investigating the planet.
We are waiting for results from you.
What the hell?! Haven't they got our report?
Have they all gone to bananas there?
Looks so.
Well, let's listen to the real Center message.
Sergei, I can't hear you!
If you can hear me, leave the planet now!
The search groups are on their way to you.
The search groups.
It's for serious.
Professor Augusto Michelli went in for the theoretical biophysics.
He suggested his ideas and prototypes to many institutes,
but didn't succeed.
Meinhaus coproration gave him the job,
in the medical biological research institute,
where his career boomed.
Later he invited biophysic Duglas Cober,
engineering biophysic Steve Wilkins,
doctor and biologist Margerie Hume
to work in his lab.
Comp, what are the odds that they developed
the project, Michelli failed to introduce?
No information about their co-project.
Operational hints:
leave the orbit of the planet.
You told you knew them.
I did.
Augusto Michelli is a hard guy.
Either his way or nobody's .
He and Duglas Cober both liked
hard complicated problems.
Each of them is a gifted scientist,
but they were genuine when teamed together.
They couldn't leave the woman behind
and fly to Earth to kill and destroy.
Could they programm Anteres for the flight and stay here?
D'you belive scientists can programm the comp to kill?
Ask the Center for more information, then.
What new can they tell us?!
Center! Your instructions contradict to those of the comp.
I operate on my own.
Reinstall the OS. We must help the survivors if there are any on the planet.
I don't get it. Just don't.
And I've just got.
I believe the comp is right and Rivera is not.
Come, Steve.
"Vaigach"! Leave the orbit now!
We managed to shield Vaigach from the Center's signal.
Yeah, but there'll be no fun,
with all those search groups after our asses.
Marge, girl, give a note!
Are Marge Hume's kids there on the deserted planet?
- Look, may be she...
- Wait, Gleb!
It's no crap.
And no lie.
At that moment I made up my mind for a desperate move...
What if we just...
let her go?
We'll follow her secretly.
Let me go, please. My kids are there! They can die...
I've told you we'd help, miss Hume.
- How are you?
- Fine.
We'll bring you back to the planet. We'll see you off.
If you'd like to warn somebody of your coming,
I'll let you use our radio.
There's no one there. Just my kids.
I trust you. Zdenek! Show miss Hume her cabin.
She has to have a rest before leaving.
What are you doing! She is a liar!
This is not the point.
The point is we don't know how and
what she exploded the platan system with.
We don't know what is going on on the planet.
We don't know what is going on aboard our ship.
But we have to!
And we have to predict the events!
- Commander Lazarev, you're under stress.
- I know...
Look, Gleb!
D'you recall the first two expeditons to the Giads star system?
The first one never came back. The people died.
What about the second?
They reported they had found the kappa-radiation
that had killed the first expedition.
Go on!
Then academician Orlov invented
the kappa-radiation shield.
It was called after him.
Why do you ask?
You'll accompany Margerie Hume to the planet,
that's why you'll need the Orlov shield.
Comp, what is Orlov effect duration?
Orlov effect duration is 3 hours.
- For non-organic creatures?
- Effect is not fully studied yet.
You've got to have a bit of rest.
I'm not tired.
I got an omen.
I'm scared.
Are you the one to see me off?
- If you feel like that...
- I do.
Звёздный инспектор Звёздный инспектор

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