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platan shields for thirty minutes at least.
I'll do the rest.
My congratulations, Steve! You've got a strong heart.
- How are you?
- Fine.
What has happened to me?
- Nothing serious.
- You were under the landslide.
Where's your key?
Key? What key?
The small one. The one you can hear music from.
Are you pulling my leg, Dug?
Put on your clothers.
I'll see Marge off, she is flying to "Vaigach".
It's genuine, Duglas.
- You've got time before the dawn.
- Can they stop me?
- They'll make your kids orphans, then.
- I see. I'll do everything.
I'll stay here.
And you go to the module from the rocks.
- Good bye, Dug.
- See you later, Marge.
I can see the module.
GIve me the screenshot of it.
On its way.
- Commander, I can see Gleb!
- So can I.
They are to notice Marge soon.
Then the second part of the plan will start.
They'll call the Center.
But it'll be us, who will tell them
what to report.
Are you alright?!
How did you...
Zdenek and Skleretzky, get back in the module, now!
What's there?
What's up?
Commander, Margerie Hume is there!
- Who?
- Margerie Hume!
Everyone get back in the module, now!
How are Marge's kids?
- Haven't they got on you?
- They are sound asleep.
I wish all kids were like them!
I'd never believe Marge to become such a devoted mother.
Commander, I don't recall everything clear.
I recall leaving the module... Then I saw...
No. First, I heard some music...
And only then I saw the road.
This is all.
- How about her?
- Margerie Hume?
I saw her at the same time Karel did.
She was lying near the module.
- How's she?
- She got a shock.
A strong shock.
So we guessed right about the planet.
But who turned on the mayday signal?
I didn't. Though...
No, I can't recall...
Was there anyone else nearby?
I landed at the daylight.
But when I came to myself... It was somewhat dark...
Everything had a violet light on it...
- When will miss Hume come to herself?
- It's a slow process.
Comp, call back all the drones and
beacons. Connect to the Center.
Mysteries are everywhere.
Gleb got amnesia.
Margerie Hume has been found alone on the deserted planet.
I should have given her a second thought,
but instead I was wondering what funny clothers our visitor got on...
And I rushed to report to the Center.
It was almost a disaster.
"Vaigach" calls Center!
Rivera, can you hear me?
I got Margerie Hume aboard.
She's the doctor from "Antares".
Understood, "Vaigach". Go on looking around the system.
Go on, we are waiting for your results.
Gleb, the main generator's killed.
Launch the emergency generator.
Skleretzky, have you heard the orders?!
It's her!
Zdenek, lock her up!
Platan-shields power unit is off.
Power unit is off, shields are off.
We should land!
We should land the spaceship.
Crew members orders aren't logic. Crew
is higly loaded.
Where are you going?
Come up.
He'll kill us!
Be resonable!
You'll kill us! You must land on the planet!
- Land the spaceship!
- D'you want me to land the spaceship?
I do.
Platan-shields power unit is off.
Karel, help me!
Shields are on.
It was Margerie Hume, who exploded the platan system.
There's nobody else to do it.
But it was not her we fight with.
The unknown strange will was overtaking us.
But whose will was that?
I didn't know the answer back then.
Yet, I got a version.
But a scaring one to believe.
I know nothing! I do!
Please, let me go!
I got kids.
They'll die if I don't come back to them.
Oh, God...
Why do you all keep silence? Say something!
Alright. We'll help you..
Will you?
Just tell how did you...
Call us when she awakes. Come on.
Still, nothing terrible happened, Steve.
This is force-majoure. We'll make out Plan B, that's all.
But now they'll understand, that Marge is not alone here.
We should have captured the two

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