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- Do I?
- Yeah, you do.
What is it in your hands, Steve?
Are you cheating me?
This can end very bad...
You'll kill me, won't you?
It's a joke...
A bad one, Dug!
The spaceship is coming, Steve.
How did they find us?
They brought down Michelli.
Did they?!
Our plan was fine.
The patrol spaceship is in her way to us.
This is what we want!
Get ready to welcome our guests.
"Vaigach" is much more cooler battleship than the old "Antares"...
No weapon can penetrate her platan-shields.
That is why we need the spaceship so badly.
The spaceship is on the orbit.
Apocenter height is 560 kilometers
Pericenter height is 516 kilometers
Orbital period is 101 minutes
Axial inclination is 54.3 grades
There's nobody here.
And why did they think back in the Center that "Antares" started from the 7th planet?
They just supposed.
We should check both alternatives, though.
I trusted our comp entirerly
But I wasn't sure still...
I chose to send Gleb for reconnaissance.
Did I risk his life?
I should say, I did.
It's time, Gleb.
Ready, commander!
Get the first module ready. Launch the beacon to the orbit!
What does it look like down there?
You were right, Sergei.
Wastelands everywhere.
But still, what does it look like?
Like a post-nuclear war desert.
Creepy sight..
Gleb, I can't hear you!
I can't hear you!
Gleb, what's wrong with communication?
Why are you silent?
Any problems?
Gleb! I can't hear you! I can't hear you!
Locate the transport module.
Our signals won't come through.
Get the search drones ready!
He may be in a canyon and the rocks may baffle our signal.
Everything is possible on such a planet like this one.
Steve, turn on the mayday signal in the module.
Let them fly to rescue him.
Doesn't Steve's behaviour seem funny to you?
No, why?
I can't remember.
I forgot...
So, did you like him?
I didn't see his face.
Put the mask off him and you'll see.
The air here is no worse than that of the Earth.
I'm somewhat scared.
Marge, you haven't seen people for too long.
Never mind, you got to get used to them again...
Don't kill him, Dug!
- Have you turned the mayday signal on?
- No, I haven't.
I forgot...
- I haven't had enough time...
- What have you been doing there?
I... I...
You're lying, Steve!
You're lying me again!
Take this.
What is it?
The key.
- What from?
- I don't know...
But when I look at it, I can hear music...
What the f*cking music?!
Never mind, Dug...
No! You've forgotten, on Earth there are hundreds of people
who can sell the most precious things
for trifles...
It's cruel, Dug.
Go to your place. Wait for me there.
I don't want, Dug.
Do you hear?
I don't want!
Can you sew him up for one more time?
You've made up your mind to kill him, haven't you?
In our business you should destroy the man to make him live.
To beat all these santiments out of him...
How much time do you need?
- Half an hour.
- Go and get ready.
This is Gleb!
Sklerezky, I can hear you.
- Where are you going?!
- Gleb is there!
Sklerezky, hold on!
Karel, even if you find Adam and Eve there...
don't risk for nothing,
or you'll kill yourself and Gleb.
Comp, get the second module ready!
Well, come on...
But do it well!
I don't want to live!
Any pulse?
There's some, but it is weak. We'll have to manage a more complicated operation soon.
You'll have to go to "Vaigach".
How can I?
The friends of that guy outside
will come soon to fetch him.
If you happen to be nearby,
they'll take you along.
Why me?
you have magic hands,
Doctor Hume.
Who will look after the kids?
Steve will.
You're making a baby-sitter for the moment.
Do you understand that we can do nothing against their shield?
I agree, Dug.
The pulse is normal.
He will come to himself soon.
when you get in "Vaigach",
disable their


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