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of our firm will answer all the questions.
Are you the lawyer of this company?
Yes, I am.
Is there any connection between...
...the suicide of your president and the dramatic events in space?
Is there any connection?!
No, there is absolutely no connection!
But the "Antares" spaceship belongs to you!
Consequently, you can be considered guilty
of the space police station destroying!
Three years ago
the company declared the "Antares" spaceship
lost in space...
As everyone can see now,
she was captured by the pirates.
The UNAA director has declared it earlier.
What did Michelli and Cober do in your organization?
This is the company inside information
and it shall not be opened.
Are there any questions you would agree to answer?
Or, for that matter, are there any aspects of your company's activity,
which are subject to open discussion in mass media?
Fortunately, there is no such aspects.
Or we'd have had no other things to do but to answer your questions.
At that the queer conference ended.
The "Antares" crew is dead.
With no witness alive it will be very hard
to discover the mystery of the powerful "Meinhaus" corporation.
Its representatives avoided the responsibility for the incident.
We hope, the police will identify the persons responsible for the tragedy and they wiil be punished severely.
The registry department was very kind to give us the pictures of the crew,
that was aboard of the "Antares" spaceship as she went in her last flight,
5 years ago...
Doctor Cober, the chief of the expedition.
Augusto Michelli - the biophysicist.
Steve Wilkins - the copilot.
Margerie Hume - the doctor and biologist.
Listen up, you guys.
We found that "Antares" came from the Ignaranta system.
The Center navigators say she could start
either from the 5th or the 7th planet.
The 7th planet has got an atmosphere.
The Center strongly recommends to investigate the planet number 7.
Download the navigation data into our comp.
The course - the 7th planet of the Ignaranta system.
Send us the information about the "Antares" crew as well.
So they think the whole Antares crew is dead.
Augusto Michelli,
and Douglas Cober
I knew them very well.
Version of the scientists-pirates is a tall story.
Cober and Michelli
are prominent scientists. Sure, they've got nothing to do with it.
Who could do this then?
To tell the truth I've got no idea.
I just don't understand.
The mankind acumulated the resources to develop the little planet and now this!
- Check the communication!
- Accepted!
- Check the modules!
- Yes, sir!
Comp, show the photographies!
Margerie Hume - the doctor and biologist.
Space pirates...
Space pirates are to be blamed but it was the president to shoot himself?!
It is not logic...
6 years ago Meinhaus sent 3 "Antares" spaceships
to the Bambar star systems for the search of the energy agents.
2 are back to Earth.
And the third one found herself in the Ignaranta system by some reason.
They flew to the one sector of the space and came to quite the opposite one. Why?
This is the question we should answer...
I got a feeling that we are being heard over...
I just didn't pay attention to Gleb's words at the moment...
It was a mistake...
I wish we had known what was going on down there...
And as we came to know much later, quite funny things took place there.
Good evening, Marge.
Hello, Dug.
- You look fine.
- Quiet! Or you'll wake up the kids...
How are they?
Fine, thanks.
Sometimes I'm sorry that I'm not their farther.
I got the news.
Someone will need your mind, beauty, charm very soon...
- Someone who? You?
- We.
We are going to have some visitors.
- What will I have to do?
- Nothing so far.
I love doing nothing.
Be ready.
- Quiet, you'll wake up the kids!
- Kiss them for me when they get up.
What is up with you?
Enjoying your loneliness, aren't  you?
Or do you hide from me?

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