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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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on Valance
we could but can't tie him to Zarek.
I know Zarek's behind this.
Keep working on Valance.
We will. To be safe, I think you should
send the Sagittaron delegation back.
Can't. Violates their civil rights,
plays right into Zarek's hands.
He could have another shooter
on Cloud Nine...
and if Zarek wins the vote,
he's more than capable...
of ordering your assassination
and ascending to the presidency.
Zarek's not going to win
because I'm not going to let him.
Meanwhile, keep Zarek under surveillance,
tap his phones, bug his room.
If you find anything that remotely connects
Zarek to Valance, shut him down.
The domestic policies we've been
talking about over the last little while...
such as employment,
housing and education...
Latest vote count:
seven for Gray, five for Zarek.
We're slipping. He was four an hour ago.
- Zarek must be making promises.
- Picon flipped.
ROSLIN: [Whispering] We've got to hold
the colonies till they vote tomorrow.
GRAY: On Page 33
of my mission statement...
I lay out a 16-point educational programme
that the President and I have developed.
Individuals with four-year college degrees
will be eligible.
Hi. How are you doing? Remember me?
We got Valance. And you're next.
[Ominous instrumental music]
GRAY: Health care, it's one thing to talk...
ZAREK: Can I get you something?
ELLEN: So you work here now?
Why should I ask the bartender
to get me a drink?
- What's in it for him?
- A big tip.
What would he spend on?
So, are you worried about Wallace Gray?
I hear he's ahead in the vote count.
Whatever the people want is fine by me.
Everyone has an agenda. I know I do.
ZAREK: And what would that be?
The same as yours, Tom. Me. Myself.
And I.
[Light instrumental music playing]
You are clearly a well-connected,
well-informed woman.
ELLEN: Wife of the XO.
For whatever that's worth.
Quite a bit. Now and in the future.
That's what I'm interested in, Tom.
My place...
and my husband's place in the future.
I'm looking for a friend of mine.
His name is Valance.
[Sinister instrumental music]
How the hell did this happen?
We've got to get to the President.
McMANUS: [On radio] We're here with
Dr. Gaius Baltar, representative of Caprica.
Dr. Baltar, I had one question.
Is President Roslin's political career
terminal or is there hope of resuscitating it?
BALTAR: Laura Roslin's political career
is very much alive...
and to underestimate her
would be a very serious mistake.
- You miss the limelight, don't you, Gaius?
- Yes, I have.
- You have what, Dr. Baltar?
- Nothing. You were saying?
You seriously believe
that this school teacher...
is able to handle the job of presidency?
His wrists were slashed
with broken glass from the room.
- So was it suicide or was it murder?
- It was no suicide.
- Zarek had him killed.
- lf only we could prove that.
How'd they get past the Marine Guards?
APOLLO: Through the vent.
BALTAR: [On radio] I'm glad to hear it...
because all of us have had teachers
who made an impact on our lives.
History is full of examples of leaders...
who have come
from the most humble beginnings...
and have risen to meet the challenge
posed by cataclysmic events.
APOLLO: How many people knew
where Valance was being held?
STARBUCK: Just the people in this room
plus two Marines.
BALTAR: ... criticise Roslin and the tough
decisions she has to make every day.
Especially, if you're someone
like Tom Zarek...
who's never shouldered
any real responsibility in your life.
To be fair to Tom,
he's been in prison for the last 20 years.
And now that he's had
a drastic personality makeover...
he's posing like
he's the saviour to all your ills.
I think you all have a short memory.
Well, someone talked.
And now we have no assassin,
no evidence of a
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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