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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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shocked to discover...
the most critical issue of all
is nowhere to be found.
Really? Well, perhaps
Mr. Zarek could enlighten us?
The election of a vice-president.
lf, gods forbid, anything
should happen to you, Madam President...
we have no designated successor.
The civilian branch of our government
would be paralysed...
leaving the door wide open
for a military dictatorship.
Sagittaron moves that
the first item on the Quorum's agenda...
should be nominations for vice-president.
[Tense instrumental music]
- Second.
- Second.
[People murmuring]
Caprica seconds for various reasons...
which are far too obvious
and numerous to go into right now.
But certainly, I think we can all agree
that it'd be a good idea to have a successor.
The motion has been moved and seconded.
All those in favour of opening nominations
for the vice-presidency, say aye.
ALL: Aye.
ROSLIN: The ayes have it.
The floor is now open for nominations.
The chair recognises Virgon.
Now, there is only one man here...
who is willing to work for the betterment
of people in this fleet.
When I asked for his help...
he sent a crew
to fix the air filtration system on my ship...
and, hell, they were finished and gone
while I was still waiting...
for the President's office to return my call.
I nominate Tom Zarek.
[All murmuring]
[Gravel pounding]
Is there a second?
Gemenon seconds the nomination.
The nomination of Tom Zarek
for the vice-presidency has been accepted.
[All applauding]
The Chair will remain open for 72 hours
for nominations.
The session is now adjourned.
[lntense instrumental music]
ROSLIN: Thomas Zarek
is not going to be my vice-president.
Six months until the presidential election.
We could've handpicked a candidate.
It didn't shock me
when Bagot nominated him.
- But Porter, that was surprising.
- Not really.
The Gemenon ships use more water
per capita than any other ship.
She wanted more rations, I said no.
Zarek may have made some friends
in the last few weeks...
but there are still plenty who hate him.
Don't underestimate Zarek.
He's charismatic
and knows what buttons to push.
Frankly, Madam President, I am concerned
about the security aboard Cloud Nine.
ROSLIN: I want you leaning forward
on this, Captain.
ROSLIN: If they even sneeze,
they better have a handkerchief.
We need a candidate.
Someone who will
quickly win the delegates' support.
An established name.
I'm not a politician.
ROSLIN: But you know
how to get things done.
You've kept this fleet functioning
all this time.
No. Thanks, but...
I can't allow Tom Zarek to be one heartbeat
away from the presidency, Wally.
ROSLIN: I need you.
You've got me, Madam President.
How can you reassure people that
you're looking out for their interests...
as opposed to the rehabilitation
of Tom Zarek?
That's a great question, Playa.
This is how I see it.
We're facing a situation so unique,
so specific...
that I believe
we need not only new leadership...
but a whole new way of thinking.
Like blowing up a building or two?
ZAREK: If things weren't so serious,
I'd say that was funny.
Look, there's no economy.
There's no market. No industry.
No capital. Money is worthless.
And yet, we're all held hostage
by the idea of the way things used to be.
ZAREK: Look where we are.
ZAREK: This man wakes up every morning...
tugs on his boots
and goes to work in this garden.
ZAREK: [On radio] Why?
Because it's his job? What job?
He labours,
but he gets no benefit from his labour.
He's not the only one.
Many of us are just still going
through the motions of our old lives.
The lawyers still act like lawyers,
but they have no clients.
[On radio] Businessmen still act like
businessmen, but have no business.
President Roslin and her policies
are all about holding on to a fantasy.
[On radio] 
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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