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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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made sure vital food and medical supplies
were fairly distributed...
He's a gasbag who's made a fortune through
deals Quorum members have profited from.
ROSLIN: Freedom of the press.
McMANUS: As we speak...
Madam President, the fatuous gasbag
would like 5 minutes of your time.
ROSLIN: How does it feel to be a celebrity?
GRAY: Well, I love it.
They'll probably be calling me a fascist next.
No, I'm the fascist.
You stick with being the gasbag.
Madam President, excuse me,
you're going to want to hear this.
McMANUS: ... Sagittaron have chosen their
delegate for the Interim Quorum of 12.
Who would've guessed it? Tom Zarek.
- Oh, my gods.
- He's got quite a following out there.
- I should have seen this coming.
- He's a terrorist. Who are they kidding?
McMANUS: ... a ruthless terrorist.
HAMILTON: Tom Zarek incited a prison riot
that resulted in kidnapping, attempted rape.
He blew up a government building and now
he's gonna sit on the Quorum of 12?
McMANUS: Wrong. The government
trumped up charges to discredit a man...
who's dedicated his life
for the disenfranchised.
Yes? Just a moment.
Commander Adama.
Why am I not surprised?
ROSLIN: Hello, Commander.
ADAMA: Are you listening to this?
- Indeed.
- Can't allow a terrorist to sit in government.
ROSLIN: My hands are tied.
I don't want to turn him into a martyr.
Sagittaron law allows a prisoner to regain
his citizenship once he's served his time.
Tom Zarek represents
a danger to the entire fleet.
I can bar him from travelling to Cloud Nine
on that basis alone.
I perfectly understand the threat
Tom Zarek represents.
But the last thing I need is for you to start
acting like my own personal goon squad.
We need to let this play out. Thank you.
McMANUS: [On radio] Hold onto your shorts.
There's another story.
We're getting a live feed
from the Astral Queen.
Tom Zarek is about to make a statement.
ZAREK: Citizens of the 12 Colonies, I am
humbled and moved by this great honour.
I will be a voice
for those who have gone too long unheard...
by a government that serves
only the privileged and the powerful...
that turns a blind eye
to the needs of the weak and the poor.
But Roslin and her confederates
will no longer be able to ignore us.
ZAREK: [On radio] People of the fleet,
look up. The winds of change are blowing.
A new era is about to dawn.
[Theme music]
Hey, Doc.
Lt. Thrace, to what do I owe this honour?
Our shuttle leaves for Cloud Nine
at 05:12 tomorrow, so don't be late.
"Our" shuttle?
A surprise getaway? Just the two of you?
- I'm going to be handling your security.
- Please don't touch that. Thank you.
BALTAR: Security for what?
STARBUCK: You haven't heard?
It's all over talk wireless.
When would I have the chance
to listen to talk wireless?
I have 60 years of work in front of me.
Anyway, talk wireless is just an excuse
for lowbrow rabble-rousing.
You've been selected as Caprica's delegate
to the Quorum of 12.
Is this some kind of joke?
Guess you got the super-genius vote.
No accounting for taste.
STARBUCK: Congratulations, Doctor.
BALTAR: Thank you.
Politics is the only thing more boring
than blood samples.
All those interminable speeches.
All that dreary pomp.
Parties full of young women
drawn to men of power.
[Climactic instrumental music]
But when the people call, you must serve.
APOLLO: I can't remember the last time
I felt the sunlight on my face.
Sure feels good. Almost like the real thing.
[Birds chirping]
STARBUCK: They could've done a better job
with the horizon, though.
Security's going to be a bitch.
A thousand different places
for a sniper to hide.
How many people are we dealing with?
APOLLO: Five hundred plus.
APOLLO: Each colony's
sending a delegation of leading
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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