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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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You think they'll be covering that blind spot
with recon patrols?
I would, if I were them.
What we need to do is make their patrols
part of our plan, you know?
Make their tactics work for us.
Here's what I would do:
[Rhythmic drumbeat]
At position code Deacon...
we'll need three civilian freighter ships
to use as decoys.
Which means those passengers
will have to be relocated to other ships...
which are already overcrowded.
Yes, if you approve.
STARBUCK: The decoy ships
will jump into the enemy star system...
at extreme radar range
from the Cylon asteroid.
Galactica will jump here...
close enough to launch its Vipers
at the base.
Soon as the decoy freighters arrive
in the system, they'll break wireless silence.
They'll be posing as a mining fleet
coming after the tylium...
and pretend to be unaware
of the Cylon presence.
STARBUCK: The Cylons will hear
the messages...
and send a force of Raiders after them.
This will leave the base
relatively undefended.
We'll have Raptors pre-positioned
to keep an eye on the Cylons.
STARBUCK: When the Cylons
move toward the decoys...
Galactica's Vipers will come in from behind,
and obliterate the base.
APOLLO: Without the base,
they'll be unable to rearm, refuel.
We'll mop them up,
and then we'll take the tylium.
What happens to the crews
on the civilian decoy ships?
They'll keep their FTL drives spooled up,
and jump clear the first sign of trouble.
How many casualties do you anticipate?
lt'll cost us.
[Rhythmic drumbeat continues]
If you succeed, what's to prevent the Cylons
from coming back with reinforcements?
ADAMA: Nothing.
ADAMA: But if we get a chance
to knock out that base...
it will buy us some time.
If you keep running
from the schoolyard bully...
he keeps on chasing you.
But when you turn around and stop...
and you punch him really hard
in a sensitive spot...
he'll think twice about coming back again.
So it's either this,
or run out of fuel and be annihilated.
Sometimes you have to roll the hard six.
Well, the freighters are yours.
Good hunting, everyone.
ADAMA: Operation starts in 48 hours.
TIGH: This is our target.
BALTAR: A Cylon base?
And you're the Cylon expert.
TIGH: We need to destroy
their military facilities.
Without harming the tylium ore
under the surface.
TIGH: Exactly.
A nuke would destroy the Cylons.
But the radiation
would render the ore inert, unusable.
I see your dilemma.
Well, you're in luck, you know.
BALTAR: Refined tylium
contains tremendous enthalpy...
to the order of half a billion
mega joules per kilo.
Subjected to right heat and compression,
say, from a conventional warhead...
you should get
a suitably devastating explosion...
without the radioactive fallout.
All we have to do is hit the right spot.
Specifically, you must hit the staging tanks
for the refined tylium precursor.
It's a lot more unstable than the fuel itself.
And where would they be?
[Dramatic instrumental music]
I need your advice on this one.
I'm flattered, Gaius...
but I don't know
the first thing about tylium refineries.
Neither do I.
Oh, come on, you must have an inkling...
- where I should tell them to bomb?
- No.
NO. 6: But God does.
BALTAR: Oh, good.
I suppose God doesn't want me
to destroy the base...
because he's the Cylon God. Right?
God doesn't take sides.
He only wants your love.
NO. 6: Open your heart to him,
and he'll show you the way.
It'd be a lot simpler
if he came out and told me.
You must remember to surrender your ego.
Remain humble.
BALTAR: If you ask me...
God could do with cleaning his ears out.
Then he'd hear what I have to say.
- Relax your neck.
- Why? What are you going to do?
NO. 6: I said relax.
BALTAR: All right, but please don't...
would the staging tanks be, Doctor?
[Exclaiming dreamily]
There. Right there.
BALTAR: Hit any
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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