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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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got to kiss it goodbye.
Yeah, along with our asses
if we don't get out of here fast.
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
[Theme music]
TIGH: It figures the Cylons would be sitting
on the only source of fuel within our reach.
Still staking out every waterhole
in the desert.
Only this time it's a lake, enough tylium
to last us a couple of years.
APOLLO: This must be
some kind of conveyor belt...
to get the ore from the mine here
into this cracking plant here.
GAETA: A refinery this far
from their home world?
APOLLO: Why not?
They need fuel as much as we do.
GAETA: Now they've got it.
And enough firepower to keep it.
APOLLO: All right. So we forget
this asteroid, find another source.
You can bet your ass
the Cylons will be guarding that one, too.
We send the Raptors out farther.
Find a source they haven't reached yet.
TIGH: We'll use up all our fuel doing it.
How're we going to get our refinery ship...
We take the tylium from the Cylons.
[Tense instrumental music]
With all respect, this is hardly a time
to attack a superior force.
This is exactly the time.
We know where they are.
They don't know where we are.
We'll catch them with their pants down.
If we fail?
End of game.
So we don't fail.
STARBUCK: When the missile
gets close enough...
you'll be pulling maybe 7 G's.
But to catch you,
the bastard's gonna have to pile on 40 to 60.
Its guidance system can't hack it,
and it'll miss...
most of the time.
Exactly how often is "most of the time"?
It depends on your judgment,
and how well you pray.
Attention on deck.
ADAMA: As you were.
Lt. Thrace, can I have a word?
STARBUCK: Of course. Take five, guys.
STARBUCK: What's up?
ADAMA: How are they doing?
Wobbly as newborn colts,
but they're getting stronger.
That's good.
Got a job for you.
Rumour mill has it
that you're planning an op.
Rumour mill's right for a change.
Capt. Adama and Col. Tigh
are working up the plan now...
and I need some serious
out-of-the-box thinking.
Out-of-the-box is where I live.
I've been taking Chamalla
for a medical condition.
So what have you seen?
It started out as dreams
of the Cylon that we had executed.
But I had the dreams
before we captured him.
- The images were...
- Prescient?
ROSLIN: Uncanny.
And now I'm seeing things while I'm awake.
- What kind of things?
- Snakes.
There were snakes crawling all over
my podium during a press conference.
- How many?
- About a dozen.
[Slow instrumental music]
You're kidding, right?
You read Pythia,
and now you're having me on.
- Who is Pythia?
- One of the oracles in the sacred scrolls.
3,600 years ago...
Pythia wrote about the exile
and the rebirth of the human race.
And the Lords anointed a leader...
to guide the caravan of the heavens
to their new homeland.
And unto the leader they gave a vision...
of serpents, numbering two and ten...
as a sign of things to come.
Pythia wrote that?
She also wrote that the new leader suffered
a wasting disease...
and would not live to enter the new land.
But you're not dying. Are you?
APOLLO: And that will allow the attack force
to wipe out these installations here.
Now, if we do it right,
there won't be any Cylon survivors.
APOLLO: And the asteroid will be ours.
ADAMA: What do you think, Starbuck?
It's a textbook perfect plan,
which is why it won't work.
TIGH: Of course. We bow to your
vast experience in strategic planning.
Refresh my memory. What year was it
that you graduated from war college?
What's the matter,
married life not all you expected?
Enough. Both of you.
We're not going to win this one by the book.
I want Starbuck in here...
because she's not weighed down
by conventional thinking.
All due respect, gentlemen,
we're not as crazy as she is.
Okay. So what would you do differently?
To start...
jumping Galactica in behind the planetoid...
to hide it from the Cylon base
is an obvious
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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