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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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lucky for us all.
- Yes, indeed.
The strange thing is no one can recall...
giving you any medical assistance
until about a week ago.
I know.
It's a miracle I'm alive.
[Ellen laughing]
APOLLO: I think I better clear
some of these dishes.
- You are so sweet.
- Very good. My compliments to the chef.
So, Bill, now the question
on everyone's mind...
and I do mean everyone...
APOLLO: Sorry.
ELLEN: It's okay.
...is where is Earth
and when do we get there?
- That's classified information.
- That word again.
Leave the man alone.
ELLEN: Come on, if there are no privileges
of being an XO's wife...
then what's the point?
Bill, we're all family here. Come on.
The need for secrecy is paramount, Ellen.
I'm sorry. Perhaps you don't know
that the Cylons look like us now.
That, yes, I knew that.
It's recent news.
Most people found out a few days ago.
A thing like that would travel fast. Right?
Any one of us could be a Cylon.
[Soft instrumental music continues]
[Ellen and Tigh laughing hysterically]
Did you see the looks on their faces?
- You are too easy.
- Thank you so much for coming.
It's been a wonderful evening.
TIGH: Thought it would never end.
I seemed to have lost one of my shoes.
- I think it's right here.
- Thank you.
APOLLO: Here we are.
- You look very, very happy.
- That's because I am very happy.
Thank you.
[Both laughing]
- It was nice to see you again.
- The pleasure's all mine.
- Hope to see you soon.
- I'm sure you will.
[Comical instrumental music]
Hang on.
Watch your step.
- Good night.
- Lovely dinner.
TIGH: I've got her.
ADAMA: Be careful.
You actually think that woman is a Cylon?
If she's not, then we're all in a lot of trouble.
ELLEN: When did Bill become
such a stick-in-the-mud?
The man's a carving.
He's one of those faces on a totem pole.
She slept with more than half the fleet,
while Saul was in space.
Why the hell did he stay married to her?
- It's obvious. He loves her deeply.
- Blindly.
Ellen used to encourage
the worst instincts in this guy...
- bring out this self-destructive streak in him.
- Used to?
HELO: Sharon, stop! I can't keep up.
[Helo coughing]
BOOMER: Helo, come on.
You can do it. Please.
You have to get up.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
BOOMER: There. Right there.
[Helo coughing]
BOOMER: Turn your light off.
We gotta find another way out of here.
We're going.
Why aren't you waiting?
You keep going and going.
- You never get tired.
- It's adrenaline.
I'm not gonna die here.
And I'm not gonna let you die here either.
BOOMER: Okay, let's go!
TIGH: Don't worry, I'll get us home.
ELLEN: Yeah, right.
- Just like Bill's getting us to Earth.
- Don't start on Bill.
[Ellen sighs heavily]
He doesn't have the slightest idea
where Earth is.
You don't have to yell it through the halls.
Bill Adama doesn't know where Earth is!
- Colonel.
- Doctor.
BALTAR: Actually, I don't believe
I've had the pleasure.
- I'm Dr. Gaius...
- Baltar. I know exactly who you are.
And the pleasure's all mine.
Something here, isn't there?
ELLEN: You're still holding my hand.
BALTAR: That's funny.
I thought you were still holding onto mine.
I'm watching you. Both of you.
NO. 6: And you should be watching her.
Care to join us for a nightcap, Doctor?
I'd love to.
GAETA: [Over PA system] Dr. Baltar,
report to the lab. The Commander is waiting.
- But I can't. Another time, perhaps.
- Count on it.
- Oh, Saulie, are you jealous?
- You said we were starting over.
We are, sweetheart, we are.
That was just a little harmless flirting.
ELLEN: You should know something.
TIGH: What?
In the middle of dinner...
- Bill put his hand on my leg.
- Ellen, I'm not falling for this.
Did you know he came to see me
on the Rising Star?
He'd come into my room.
I'd pretend to be asleep.
Then he'd sit by the side of my bed...
- and then he'd touch me.
- Why are you doing this? You're
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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