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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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on my advice.
- They always do that?
- No, they're just showing off.
They know I'm in here.
You date a special assistant
to the President, word gets out.
So this is officially a date?
[Soft instrumental music]
Jury's still out.
MAN: [Over PA system] Observation deck
has two minutes remaining.
DUALLA: You could pull rank.
You could tell them you're on special
business for the President of the Colonies.
Your boss pulls more weight around here
than mine.
- You can tell them Adama wants you to...
- Yeah, what? Wants me to what?
I lost my train of thought.
[Soft instrumental music continues]
How is he these days, by the way?
- The old man? He's fine, I guess.
- You guess?
He's been acting kind of funny lately.
Seems distracted or something.
He's been making all these weird calls
from his quarters. Super secret.
- Probably a security thing.
- They don't want me to log the calls, though.
No trace file. Nothing.
- And this just started?
- A few days ago.
Billy Keikeya, are you pumping me
for information about the old man?
DECKHAND: Time's up.
- No. Of course not.
- You are.
- You are. You're a spy, that's what you are.
- I was just asking a couple of questions.
I hope you liked the answers.
Because they're the last ones
you're gonna get for a while.
ROSLIN: What did you find out?
Dualla couldn't put her finger on it...
but, yeah, she said
he's been acting differently.
I could see that myself. He was distracted
and unfocused. What else?
Some scrambled wireless calls
he didn't want logged.
She didn't know who he called or why.
But none of this is damning evidence.
BILLY: The calls could be security-related...
and his odd behaviour could be stress,
pure and simple.
- Exhaustion, paranoia...
- All right. It could be any of those things.
ROSLIN: But what if it's not?
Madame President, with all due respect...
I cannot believe we're actually
entertaining the idea...
that Commander Adama...
has been somehow replaced
by a Cylon duplicate.
Oh, my gods, Billy...
I hope you're right.
[Theme music]
Is suicide really a sin?
NO. 6: A mortal one, I'm afraid.
But it's not that bad, is it, Gaius?
[Opera music playing]
47,905 people in the fleet.
47,905 blood samples.
BALTAR: Eleven hours to test each one
for Cylon indicators.
NO. 6: That'll take awhile.
21,956 days.
NO. 6: 60.1534 years.
Now, let's figure in a few hours
to sleep here and there.
BALTAR: We'll call it an even 61, shall we?
NO. 6: Sure.
I prefer to kill myself.
[Clears throat]
Commander Adama, are you a Cylon?
BALTAR: Tune in tomorrow.
NO. 6: It's hard being a genius.
NO. 6: There should be some perks.
[Opera music continues]
[Notebook thudding]
[Baltar's zipper opening]
[No. 6 moaning]
[No. 6 gasping]
[Baltar moaning in pleasure]
STARBUCK: What's up, Doc?
[Opera music stops]
Lt. Thrace, good to see you. I was just...
keeping up with the old exercises.
[Comical instrumental music]
That should do me for today.
[Baltar stuttering]
BALTAR: I feel all better.
BALTAR: What brings you to the lab
at this time of the night?
STARBUCK: It's mid-afternoon.
BALTAR: Yeah, it is.
Crazy workload. I totally lose track of time.
So, what can I do for you?
You can zip up your fly.
- So...
- My blood test.
NO. 6: You're right about one thing, Gaius.
There is something very intriguing about her.
Very good. Very good.
At least I did that much.
[Sighs softly]
[Slow instrumental music]
Dradis, contact!
- Cylon Raider bearing 738 carom 005.
- Galactica, Apollo.
- Action stations.
- Cylon Raider bearing 738 carom 005.
- Relative zero.
- Close with enemy, destroy. Acknowledge.
APOLLO: We're on it, Galactica.
He jumped right in front of us. His mistake.
- How many?
- Single Raider. Looks like a recon patrol.
Apollo and Beehive have them in their sight.
TIGH: Where's the old man?
DUALLA: He's not aboard.
- Not aboard?
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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