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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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have the chance
to answer them in person.
Right. Thank you.
- And she is?
- She's standing right there.
- I'm right here.
- Yeah, of course you are.
- And?
- Doctor, this is Miss Godfrey.
[Baltar clears throat]
All of you can see her? You can all see her!
She's standing right next to you.
- Something wrong?
- No.
Don't make me angry, Gaius.
I'd say you have a serious problem.
NO. 6: Get down.
Yes, maybe I...
You'll have to forgive me, Miss Godfrey.
I'm very pleased, if slightly puzzled,
to make your acquaintance.
Don't touch me, you traitor.
Is she talking to me? You talking to me?
You're the one who let the Cylons
into the defence mainframe.
You betrayed your entire race.
You're the man responsible
for the Holocaust...
and I'm here to see that you're exposed...
and sentenced to death
as the traitor you really are.
[Theme music]
Doctor, Miss Godfrey has made
some startling accusations.
I've never seen this woman before in my life.
Not surprised you don't remember me.
I was just a lowly systems analyst
at the defence ministry.
Doctor Amarak was my associate.
She says you sold out the human race.
You let the Cylons into our defence plans.
NO. 6: Doctor Amarak told me
he had evidence...
that Doctor Baltar was involved
in the sneak attack.
He was trying to reach the President
and inform her when he was killed.
- He told you that, did he?
- Yes.
It's a pity he's no longer with us.
How convenient
that we only have your word for that.
- There's also this.
- Yeah, what the frack's that?
NO. 6: He gave me this for safekeeping.
ADAMA: It's ID coded.
Colonial Defence Ministry.
Dr. Amarak gave the disk to me
before he died.
BALTAR: What, as opposed to after he died?
NO. 6: He gave me the disk for safekeeping.
On the disk is a photo.
It was captured from the security camera
in the defence mainframe on Caprica.
NO. 6: It shows the doctor
entering the mainframe...
without permission
the day before the attack.
[lntense instrumental music]
BALTAR: Nothing criminal about that.
As you can see, the man in the photo
is carrying an explosive device.
BALTAR: Sorry, what?
I definitely never did that.
Just before the Cylon attack,
the entire defence mainframe...
was destroyed by this device.
BALTAR: Honestly, that is not me.
I wasn't there. It's somebody else.
BALTAR: Look, it's not me.
I'm not the man in the photograph.
ADAMA: I see a man. Same height,
same build, but that's a long way from proof.
Thank you, Commander. Now,
if we're quite done with this charade, I'm...
I agree, Commander, but look here.
In the faceplate of the computer terminal,
there's a reflection of the man's face.
TIGH: You can't tell anything from that.
BALTAR: Thank you, Colonel.
With the right equipment,
the image could be enlarged and sharpened.
We could see his face.
Enlarging the image is no problem,
but sharpening it...
- Take forever.
- It'd take at least a day, sir.
Mr. Gaeta, let me know
as soon as you have an image.
You're going to suspend all work
on the Cylon detector...
- What?
...as well as your security privileges.
CALLY: Starbuck's notes on the Cylon Raider
are a mess.
CALLY: She said "the engine power-up
sequence began by squeezing something...
"that looks like a red ligament
with blue veins on the right side...
"coming out of a sack of gooey fluid...
- "shaped like a dog."
- Are you kidding me?
This whole thing is a bunch of veins
and ligaments and sacks of goo.
CALLY: "Squeeze the ligament
with your hand...
"while you slide your weight...
"on your left hip into the lymphatic sack."
TYROL: That's just stupid.
CALLY: Afternoon, sir.
TIGH: Specialist.
- Chief's inside?
- Yeah.
TIGH: Chief.
TYROL: God! Yes, sir?
TIGH: How's it coming in there?
TYROL: I'm getting there, sir.
I haven't quite figured out all the tricks,
but I'm getting there.
APOLLO: Come on, Starbuck, you can do it.
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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