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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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this as one
big educational experience.
He  thinks I am a total idiot, doesn't he?
What ?
uh... no Sir, no.
It's all right.
What are you telling me for ?
Munitions go missing, you gotta go
tell the master-at-arms, right now.
- I know that !
- Sharon, you can't screw
around with stuff like this—
I'm not screwing around! Okay ?!
The  only reason I didn't tell anybody is 'cause
they're gonna think I'm the one who took them !
- How are things ?
- Things are good.
- Good.
You look uh...
I... I really like your... hair.
My hair ?
I don't know anything about women.
Madam President, If I may?
I think you should know that my father...
- Well, this entire ceremony was his idea.
- I know.
Think he's enjoying it ?
Well, actually he... hates
protocol, pomp, and all that.
He's making a gesture.
Trying to make you feel like the President.
Open valves 3 and 5.
I took the one detonator from the duffel
Replaced it.
And then went back to my quarters.
Well. Ah...
You know what? You know what?
It's... It's not your fault.
Someone's obviously setting you up to
take the fall for something, that's what it is.
I mean, you wake up
somewhere you don't know !
How you got there or anything you're drugged.
Or manipulated. Or who knows what, something.
Wh-what do we do?
'Cause if I report what's happened,
they're gonna think I'm a Cylon agent.
No they're not.  No, no, no, why would
they think that ?  -- That's crazy.
People are getting crazy. Ok?
You've heard the rumors: Cylons who look like
humans, sleeper agents hiding in the fleet !
Decompresion alarm!
Damage report, Mister Gaeta.
Ruptures in tanks 3, 5, 7
- Nine...
- Strain on the unrep lines. They're gonna blow.
- Release the lines.
Veer away! Starboard.
Every tank on the port side has ruptured.
We're venting all our water directly into space.
C.I.C. This is D.C. One,
we're entering the tank.
[Dualla] Roger that D.C. One.
Raptor 478, D.C. One.
I have you in my sights.
Copy that D.C. one.
I have you in sight.
How's it look in there ?
Can you tell what happened ?
Lieutenant, don't worry.
About my team...
I got things under control.
Copythat D.C. One.
I feel better knowing you're on it.
Watch the light, you're off target.
How much water did we lose?
A ten million JPs, Sir.
Almost 60% of total potable water reserves.
Emergency rations. Shutdown laundry, showers,
anything non essential, immediately.
Yes Sir.
How long will our water supplies last ?
Well, aboard Galactica, about 6 days.
But, one third of the other ships in the fleet
were depending on us for replenishment. If...
We don't find new supplies
- They'll run out of water in 2 days.
- one third, that's 16 000 people.
Get the name of those ships, tell their captain
to go on emergency rations immediately.
There's gonna be riots on those ships.
Civilians don't like hearing
they can't take a bath...
or wash their clothes or drink
more than a thimble a day.
Thank you for the warning, Colonel.
- That will be all, Mr Gaeta.
- And one more thing, Lieutenant ?
Do you have any theories about
what may have caused the accident ?
There are many theories at this point,
Madam President.
Do you have a guess ?
I tell my officers not to guess,
I prefer to wait until we have fact.
Indulge me.
Take a guess, Mister Gaeta.
Well, would have to say the
most likely explanation is...
that the tank was structurally weakened
during the Cylon nuclear detonation...
During the first attack.
And that caused it
to buckle and rupture.
- but it's... to early to say, Sir.
- Interesting.
- Thank you, Lt.
- Back to the matter at hand...
I've ordered an astronomical survey of nearby
star systems for potential water sources.
Chief, take a look at this!
- What do you got?
- Not sure.
It looks like burn marks
from an explosive.
What do you think ?
tough-- tough to tell,
it's pretty rusted out.
Optical and x-ray telescopes say
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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