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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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I'm aware of the allegations.
Where are you going with this?
I will ask the questions, sir.
Isn't it true that by allowing
their relationship to continue...
in violation of regulations...
you may have made it possible
for two Cylon collaborators...
to compromise the safety and security
of this ship?
We're done here.
Excuse me, sir,
but my questions are not finished.
You've lost your way, Sergeant.
You've lost sight of the purpose of the law...
to protect its citizens, not persecute them.
Whatever we are, whatever is left of us.
We're better than that.
ADAMA: Now these proceedings are closed.
You'll be transported back to your ships,
and we appreciate your help.
MYSON: Commander.
This is an independent board.
You have no authority to close our inquiry.
This is a witch hunt.
I will not have it aboard my ship.
Corporal of the guard!
Restrain the Commander
and return him back to the witness chair.
Your orders are to escort
Sergeant Hadrian back to her quarters...
and keep her in confinement
until further notice.
Make your choice, son.
Sergeant Hadrian,
you'll come with us, please.
MAN: She's just about to speak.
WOMAN: Yes, I tried to get an interview
with her myself.
Good evening, have a seat.
The investigation into the suicide bombing
aboard Galactica...
and how it was allowed to occur
has come to a close.
You are all aware that the bomber
was a Cylon agent.
The tribunal has determined...
that the Cylon gained access
to the explosives...
by going through a hatch door
in the Hangar Deck of the ship.
This door was left open due to negligence...
of one of the ship's crewmen.
His name is Specialist Socinus.
He has confessed to lying under oath
and dereliction of duty in a time of war.
He has been stripped of his rank
and confined to the Brig.
At this point, we have no reason to believe...
that there were
any other parties responsible.
Now I'll take your questions. You, sir.
TYROL: Commander, permission to enter?
ADAMA: What is it, Chief?
TYROL: Thank you, sir.
Sir, I believe that Socinus...
I believe that his confession was a lie.
I think that he's covering for me.
For you?
I think that he's doing this
out of a sense of misplaced loyalty to me.
Somewhere in this there's truth.
Care to take me to it?
Sir, I was with Lt. Valerii
at the time of the bombing.
The Deck gang, they all knew it.
They've known all along.
TYROL: They're trying to cover for me.
They started lying. Socinus...
I think that he thinks he's helping
protect me by taking a fall like this.
You don't really know
if he was on duty or not, do you?
Commander, he's innocent.
I know that much. I should be in the Brig.
Well, that's a fact.
You should be in the Brig.
Commander, this isn't right.
- You can't let an innocent kid...
- I can't?
[lntense instrumental music]
What I can't do...
is I can't let someone
that wears this uniform...
get on the witness stand and lie under oath.
And that's what your man did.
He either lied the first time
or he lied the second time.
And it doesn't matter.
He's guilty and he'll pay the price.
ADAMA: You? You'll pay a different price.
You'll have to walk out
on that Hangar Deck every day...
knowing that one of your men
is in the Brig...
because you couldn't keep your fly zipped.
You're the most experienced,
noncommissioned officer we have left.
You keep my planes flying.
I need my planes to fly.
TYROL: Sharon, no.
Sharon, we're done. It's over.
- What do you mean it's over?
- I love you.
I really do.
I'm sorry.
Wait a minute.
BOOMER: I deserve more of an explanation
than that.
[Sombre instrumental music]
One of my men is in the Brig.
He confessed to a crime he didn't commit
to protect me, to protect us.
There can
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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