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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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>And this falls under the purview
of the Master at Arms.
And the Master at Arms is Sergeant Hadrian.
Did Lt. Valerii leave
the hatch combing open last night?
I have no idea
who left the hatch combing open last night.
Chief, were you doing paperwork
at the time of the bombing?
- No.
- Were you working on a Viper at that time?
Were you watching a pick-up game
of Pyramid in the mess hall...
at the time of the bombing?
No! As I told you earlier today,
I was asleep in my rack.
HADRIAN: Then why do I have
three different statements...
from three of your deckhands...
stating variously that they all saw you
and you were anywhere but in your rack?
Chief Tyrol, where were you
at the time of the bombing?
[Tense instrumental music]
HADRIAN: Were you, in fact,
meeting with a Cylon agent?
I exercise my right under Article 23.
By invoking the 23rd Article at this time,
the tribunal will look on this...
as further evidence of your guilt.
So I will ask you one last time.
Who were you with
at the time of the bombing...
and was this person a Cylon agent?
HADRIAN: Your sworn statement
indicates that you were on watch...
at the time of the bombing
and that you saw Chief Tyrol...
- work on one of the Vipers. Is that true?
- Yes, sir.
Specialist, can you explain to us
why Chief Tyrol told us in his testimony...
that he was in his rack asleep
at the time of the bombing?
HADRIAN: Speak up, Specialist.
SOCINUS: He said that?
Did you see him or didn't you?
HADRIAN: Specialist!
SOCINUS: No, I did not, sir.
So the Chief did not come
to the Hangar Deck after all?
I don't know.
I left my post.
Excuse me?
I left my post, sir.
I ducked out to get a smoke.
I went to the galley to get some chow.
The Chief...
I mean, I don't know where he was.
I'm sure he was asleep in his rack
just like he said.
You went to the galley?
Yes, sir.
Did you go through
the hatch combing on C Deck?
Well, to get to the galley,
that would be the best way.
Yes, sir, I went through that hatch.
- Did you leave it open?
- I'm not sure.
Yes, sir. I think I did.
The Chief had nothing to do with it.
It was me.
I left my post and I left the hatch open.
It was me. Just me.
You realise, that by leaving the hatch open,
you allowed a Cylon...
to gain access to the small arms locker?
Yes, sir.
Specialist, did Chief Tyrol instruct you
to leave the hatch open deliberately...
as part of a conspiracy to allow the Cylon
to gain access to the small arms locker?
The Chief is innocent. He didn't do anything.
Specialist, did you leave
the hatch open deliberately?
Yes, sir.
Whatever happened, it was me. Just me.
[Soft instrumental music]
You overestimated his willingness
to risk himself for you.
He just doesn't love you.
North. Toward his love.
Seems you made an impression after all.
He's a good man.
He always does the right thing.
Are you prepared for the next step?
- Hello, Lieutenant.
- Doctor.
I brought you a cigar. A recovery gift.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
The food is good, company is better.
Yes, I just happened to be
absolutely nowhere near sick bay.
BALTAR: I thought I would...
- see how you were doing.
- So, Doctor...
your super secret project's on C Deck, right?
I'm not at liberty to divulge exactly
what I am doing on C Deck.
But you're more than welcome to pop by.
Once you're ambulatory.
- The bomber was on C Deck, right?
- Yes, I know. I heard the explosion.
- Very frightening.
- Do you think that's where he was headed?
[Tense instrumental music]
- I'm sorry. I didn't follow you.
- The Cylon bomber?
Do you think that he was trying
to blow up your project?
NO. 6: And you along with it?
It's funny.
I hadn't thought of that.
Kind of hits you where you live, huh?
Yes, it does, actually.
You get well soon.
BALTAR: They're trying to kill me.
Me, always me.
They're trying to destroy your
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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