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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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demand, at the very least,
that someone be held accountable.
I'm setting up a tribunal.
That tribunal will have to come back
to the public with a name.
Someone who screwed up.
We don't know if anybody screwed up.
A Cylon agent penetrated your security,
killing three people.
At least one of your men
or women screwed up.
Look, here's my view:
Independent tribunal, openness,
transparency, it all sounds great.
But after 20 years in political office,
I'm telling you these things have a way...
of inflicting damage on the people
you least expect.
I do not want a witch hunt on our hands.
HADRIAN: So, where were you
at the time of the bombing?
In my rack, reading some trashy novel
Socinus gave me.
- Did you see the Chief?
- Chief?
He was on the Hangar Deck
going over some paperwork, I think.
HADRIAN: How do you know that
if you were in your rack?
[Tense instrumental music]
I saw him right before I turned in.
I was with Cally playing Pyramid
in the mess hall corridor.
HADRIAN: You sure?
JAMMER: Yeah. She's pretty good.
- Did you see the Chief?
- Yeah, he was there.
I mean, not the whole time.
He dropped in, watched us play for a while.
SOCINUS: I was on watch.
HADRIAN: Did you see the Chief?
The Chief? No.
- He wasn't on the Hangar Deck?
- No.
Wait. Yeah. Yeah, he was.
He came in, did some work
on one of the Vipers that the Captain rides.
Thank you.
- Asleep in my rack.
- Sure about that?
I was asleep, Sergeant.
All right. That'll be all for now.
Good afternoon and thank you for coming.
Please be seated.
I'm sure by now, word of the explosion...
on the Galactica
has spread to the entire fleet.
We offer our continued gratitude
to the brave men and women...
aboard this mighty ship.
In consultation with Commander Adama...
I have appointed an independent tribunal...
to investigate the circumstances
surrounding this explosion.
Also, in the interest of security
and public safety...
I feel it is time to reveal certain information
that has until now...
remained a tightly-guarded secret.
This information was known only to myself,
Commander Adama...
- and a few select advisors.
- The cat's out of the bag.
The Cylons have the ability to mimic
human form. They look like us now.
[Crowd mutters in disbelie]
ROSLIN: We have reason to believe
that a Cylon agent was responsible...
for the explosions aboard Galactica.
This man has been identified
as a Cylon agent.
We believe him to be responsible
for the bombing.
He evidently slipped aboard the Galactica
with a civilian group...
killed a Marine guard,
stole the explosives and detonated them...
killing three members of the crew
and destroying himself.
ROSLIN: This man has also been identified
as a Cylon.
And we now know that
there are duplicates of each Cylon model.
Anyone seeing either of these two men
at anytime, anywhere in the fleet...
should immediately contact
the Battlestar Galactica...
and the office of the President.
Now I'll take your questions.
[Reporters exclaiming together]
They've known about this the whole time
and they tell us now?
- I mean, who's the Cylon now?
- This is too much.
I don't even want to know this.
Excuse me, sir.
Will you come with us, please?
BOOMER: What? Why?
TYROL: What's going on, Sergeant?
HADRIAN: Chief, we need you
to come along as well.
You're arresting the Chief?
SOCINUS: Who's arresting him?
- No one is under arrest.
- What's all this?
HADRIAN: Step back.
Lieutenant asked you a question, Sergeant.
A Tribunal has been convened...
to look into the Cylon penetration
of our defences.
It requires the presence
of Lt. Valerii and Chief Tyrol.
I am here to escort them
to the Wardroom.
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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