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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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What the hell does that mean?
You are way too close to this
because she's your friend.
We have work to do. Captain.
Get as many birds up in the air as you can
and you find our girl.
You got it.
STARBUCK: Oh, my gods.
You bite me, I'll bite you back.
[Eerie instrumental music]
STARBUCK: So I guess
the only thing flying you is you.
This must be your brain.
I don't think you'll need it.
Good thing that I brought one of my own.
Even cockroaches have to breathe.
How the hell do you?
SOCINUS: Captain. Call for you, sir.
Can someone finish this up for me?
APOLLO: Where is it?
SOCINUS: That way.
APOLLO: Yeah, Apollo.
BILLY: Hold for President Roslin.
ROSLIN: How're you holding up?
Better than my Viper. We're slapping
one together from pieces of the others.
ROSLIN: I need your help.
Did you know that your father
just redeployed the Combat Air Patrol?
- Yes, Madam President. It was my idea.
- Your idea?
We need every Viper we've got.
ROSLIN: Maybe I'm missing something
about the tactics involved.
But isn't the fleet defenceless
without the CAP?
APOLLO: Only for a short time.
Because after that, Kara's oxygen
will be gone and she'll be dead.
Are you very close with Lt. Thrace?
I'm close with all my pilots.
And I assume
the same is true for your father?
His pilots mean a lot to him. To all of us.
We don't leave anyone behind.
But we have left people behind.
You know that.
Not this time.
Your FTL drive should be spun up and ready.
Just make sure everyone is set to jump
at the first sign of trouble.
With all due respect, Captain...
there are times when it is necessary
for the safety of the fleet to put...
Not this time.
We just haven't exhausted all the options...
and the safety of the fleet
has not been compromised.
- I hope you find her.
- Thank you.
Blue flight reports bingo fuel, sir.
Have them stay on the search.
Send the tanker to them.
Is there a problem, Mr. Gaeta?
It's just that trying to tank in that turbulence,
sir, will be extremely hairy.
I suggest we wait
until the clock has run down...
and then tank up
on the way back to Galactica.
Did someone call them back to Galactica?
- I just assumed...
- The search was over? It was hopeless?
That we should write Starbuck off as dead?
- Is that what you're telling me, Mr. Gaeta?
- No, sir.
Then what are you trying to tell me,
Mr. Gaeta?
[Alarm blaring]
- You have your orders.
- Yes, sir.
Time is up. She's out of O2.
The clock is a guess.
ADAMA: We don't know for a fact
that Starbuck is out of air.
Her tank only holds so much oxygen.
She could have a reserve supply
in her survival gear.
TIGH: A reserve?
What, she just happened to pack
an extra bottle today?
It's possible.
We are putting people at risk.
- We have pilots out there...
- We are not quitting.
...pushing themselves, their ships
too hard, all for the sake of...
We are not quitting
and you are relieved, Colonel.
[Military instrumental music]
I stand relieved, sir.
[Tense instrumental music]
Come on, you're part biological, right?
Which means you need oxygen, right?
So it's got to be here, somewhere.
Commander, the President.
Commander Adama, I just wanted to say
how very sorry I am about Lt. Thrace.
Please give my condolences to your son
and to the rest of the crew.
Excuse me, Madam,
but I think you've been misinformed.
- How?
- We don't know if Starbuck's dead.
ROSLIN: I was told that her oxygen
had run out a half an hour ago.
That's an estimate.
She may have a reserve supply.
We'll continue the search as long as
there's a chance she may be alive.
ROSLIN: And how long will that be?
ADAMA: Until I say stop.
This is a military decision,
Madam President.
Thank you for your concern.
STARBUCK: First on the list, seal you up...
figure out what controls what.
One of us needs a bath.
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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