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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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Where's the base ship?
GAETA: No base ships detected, sir.
GAETA: Eight raiders, bearing 047
carom 118. Range 22,000.
They found us. It was only a matter of time.
Galactica, Starbuck.
Where the hell are the alert fighters?
ALERT ONE: Starbuck, Alert One.
Be there in two minutes.
The Cylons are gaining!
All right, listen up, nuggets.
Stay together and keep your throttles
firewalled until you hit the deck.
STARBUCK: Now, go.
ADAMA: What's she doing?
TIGH: Starbuck's gonna take on all eight.
And get herself killed.
KAT: Hot Dog, where are you going?
STARBUCK: Hot Dog, what are you doing?
HOT DOG: Got one!
STARBUCK: Hot Dog! Get out of here!
STARBUCK: Hot Dog, I told you
to get your ass home!
HOT DOG: You said never
to leave your leader.
STARBUCK: I also said
never to disobey an order.
- I'm hit!
- I got you, Hot Dog!
We're going to make it through this.
Break right. Now!
[Thrilling instrumental music]
She'll make it.
I just lost all three mains.
It's all right, Hot Dog. You did good.
We're gonna be okay, I promise you.
At least one of us will.
STARBUCK: That about does it.
I think there's only one left.
STARBUCK: He's right on my tail,
but I got it covered.
Starbuck's wireless and transponder
just cut out.
ALERT ONE: Alert One, we spotted Hot Dog.
No ID or visual on Starbuck.
Frack me!
[Struggles and pants]
[Theme music]NARRATOR: Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
Zak failed basic flight.
And I should have flunked him, but I didn't.
The bottom line is that I killed him.
Walk out of this cabin
while you still can.
HELO: I don't get it.
How does a military coded signal
end up coming from in here?
[Helo laughs]
HELO: Food.
GAETA: It's the Cylons.
Starbuck's wireless and transponder
just cut out.
TIGH: Starbuck's gonna take on all eight.
And get herself killed.
[Loud crashing]
BOOMER: Galactica. Hot Dog's aboard.
HELO: Yeah, so is his lunch.
Take it easy, Hot Dog.
You're not the first to lose it in combat.
HELO: You won't be the last.
No sign of Starbuck.
He says she was hit but still in the fight
when he lost track of her.
DUALLA: Roger that. Search and rescue ops
are underway for Starbuck.
Bring Hot Dog in.
The old man wants to talk to him.
ADAMA: This is where you found him?
Yes, sir,
he drifted quite a ways from the fight.
ADAMA: Was she manoeuvring?
HOT DOG: I think so. Yes. Yes, sir.
So she survived the initial hits.
She could still be alive.
She is alive, Lieutenant.
We're gonna find her.
BOOMER: Yes, sir.
ADAMA: Get this man to sick bay.
APOLLO: Yes, sir.
I think you earned those today.
The auxiliary RT switch sticks a little, sir,
but she'll fly.
- Polish up the canopy. I want it crystal clear.
- Yes, sir.
- Find her.
- I will.
[Engine whirring]
[lntense instrumental music]
[Wind howling]
[Starbuck grunting in pain]
[Starbuck coughing]
[lntense instrumental music continues]
[Theme music]
GAETA: Still no joy from the search teams.
In the last four hours
we've combed everywhere...
in a 200 click sphere
around Starbuck's last known position.
No ship, no ejection seat, no debris.
So we're extending the radius another 50.
- We need more pilots.
- Everybody who can fly is up, sir.
What about Starbuck's course computations?
The variables of combat manoeuvring
make them almost meaningless.
- It's time to start guessing.
- Yes, sir.
Since there's been no dradis contact
in the area...
I would have to guess that her Viper was
captured by the gravity of a planetary body.
The only nearby gravity wells
are the gas giant and this moon.
If the gas giant pulled her in,
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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