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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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-school club.
STARBUCK: Pilots call me Starbuck,
but you may refer to me as God.
You've all flown before, but you're about
to enter a whole new world...
so pay attention.
We don't have any flight simulators
on board...
so we're putting you into the cockpit, today.
This is the Viper Mark II.
It's as manoeuvrable as a jack-rabbit,
and can flip end for end...
in 0.35 seconds.
You've never flown anything remotely like it,
so don't think that you have.
STARBUCK: Today we'll do basic launch,
approach, and landing manoeuvres...
and anyone not paying attention
is liable to end up...
as a puddle or something to be hosed
out of the cockpit by the chief of the deck.
She's laying it on a little thick.
STARBUCK: Costanza, right?
COSTANZA: Yes, God, sir.
Not anymore.
From now on, your name is "Hot Dog."
And when God speaks, Hot Dog, you listen.
Maybe if you had learned that at
the Academy, you wouldn't have washed out.
Sit up!
LSO: Viper 791 Galactica,
you are cleared for approach.
LSO: Speed 175 port bay,
hands on approach...
checkers green. Call the ball.
I have the ball.
STARBUCK: Easy on the throttle, Kat.
STARBUCK: Are you listening to me?
Don't chase the lights, okay?
KAT: Roger, Starbuck.
STARBUCK: Kat, don't chase the lights!
Set it by the numbers
and correct with thrusters.
LSO: Wave-off!
Punch it, Kat!
Worse than awful.
Wretched beyond belief, actually.
STARBUCK: You call yourselves pilots.
It'll take the knuckle draggers a week to
pound your divots out of the flight deck.
- With due respect, sir, that's unfair.
- Yes, sir. This was only our first day.
No. It's your last.
It would be criminal to let any of you
near a Viper again.
So pack your gear and
get the hell off my ship. You're done.
What are you doing here, Kara?
- You can't wash them out on their first day.
- I just did.
Look, I got 40 Vipers, and 21 pilots.
That's it.
We are sitting ducks
until we finish water-op's.
We can't even maintain a CAP.
And Gods forbid the Cylons show up.
Gods forbid.
Let's bring in the next group of candidates.
The next group has never even been
in a cockpit.
- They're starting basic flight.
- Then they start basic flight.
Because that group is done.
It says so right there.
Maybe you should read it again.
APOLLO: Lt. Thrace, this is not a request.
STARBUCK: Well, Capt. Adama!
I am the flight instructor, sir.
My word is scripture, sir.
STARBUCK: I will not, repeat, not pass
another student who isn't ready.
So, that's what this is about.
It's not them. It's Zak.
Step back.
[Pants and grunts]
ADAMA: Starbuck says they can't cut it,
they can't cut it.
She's not giving them a chance. It's Day 1.
She's one of the finest pilots
I've ever seen in my life.
One day in the cockpit is all she needs
to know if they can hack it or not.
ADAMA: She got that.
APOLLO: I'm not arguing that, sir.
I'm just saying that I think she's letting her
personal feelings cloud her judgment.
Please sit down, Captain.
ADAMA: What are those feelings?
About Zak.
- We've talked about, Zak.
- You did?
ADAMA: We've talked about a lot of things.
We've been aboard this ship for over
two years. We know each other very well.
When I asked her to be the instructor...
I knew it was going to release
a lot of loose baggage.
She acknowledged it.
She's a professional. She'll do her job.
I'm just saying that you should talk to her.
APOLLO: She's walking around
with a lot of emotion.
She almost decked me in the rec room.
Right. You wouldn't smile if you were there.
- I'll talk to her.
- Thank you.
I think she's trying to work out her guilt
over what she did for Zak.
I think she's making up for it
by beating up on these guys.
Guilt? Over what?
What did she do for Zak?
- I thought you just said...
- What did she do?
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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