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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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it's my way of telling you I'm tired.
- You don't know what tired is.
- Right.
Don't! Don't mock me, little girl.
I'm not mocking you.
MASON: Tom and I,
we go way back. Long time.
If you know what's good for you,
you'll be nice to me.
[Pilots chattering]
Frequent wireless contact.
TIGH: Keep us informed all the way.
STARBUCK: Yes, sir.
Good hunting.
[Engines whining]
Who voted for Laura Roslin? You?
Did you vote for her?
- She was sworn in under the law.
- The answer is, no one voted for her.
And yet she's making decisions
for all of us, deciding who lives...
and who dies. Is that democracy?
Is that a free society?
What is it you want from me?
You want me to say she shouldn't
be president? We need a government.
- We need rules, we need a leader.
- We need to be free men and women.
If we're not free,
then we're no different than Cylons.
[Solemn instrumental music]
ZAREK: They call you Apollo.
APOLLO: It's my call sign.
Apollo's one of the gods. A lord of Kobol.
You must be a very special man
to be called a god.
It's just a stupid nickname.
Son of Zeus, good with the bow,
god of the hunt...
and also a god of healing.
Now, a god...
can reconcile those two opposing forces,
but a mortal...
has to pick one side or the other.
Have you picked a side, Apollo?
Astral Queen, this is the Battlestar Galactica.
Commander Adama
wishes to speak to Mr. Zarek.
- Please respond.
- [Scoffs] Zeus is calling.
ZAREK: [On phone] Commander Adama?
Tom Zarek. How can I help you?
First, I want to make sure
that my people are unharmed.
This is Apollo. I'm fine, so are the others.
APOLLO: They're located on the lower...
ZAREK: That's enough, thank you.
I'm glad to hear that no one's been hurt.
That would have tragic consequences.
- How long until you storm the ship?
- I'm hoping that won't be necessary.
I think that you and I can come up
with some kind of understanding.
This is not the only crisis
that I'm dealing with.
[Tense instrumental music]
The water shortage affects the entire fleet.
Your men are on their way even as we speak.
There's still time to work this out.
Have the President step down
and call for elections.
That's not gonna happen.
Then I look forward to meeting your men.
[Phone clicks]
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
- I knew you were faking.
- I'm a light sleeper.
- I don't think I have your respect.
- I respect you.
Get up.
BILLY: Hey, what's going on?
[Gun clicks]
- What are you doing?
- Move.
DUALLA: Where are you taking her?
It's okay, Cally. You're gonna be okay.
- They know where we are, Cally.
- Capt. Adama!
Hey! Capt. Adama!
- They're willing to talk.
- Sounded that way.
[Tense instrumental music]
You want them to storm the ship.
Soft seal. Pressurised.
That's it, isn't it?
You don't want elections, you don't want
your freedom. You want a bloodbath.
You don't understand.
Tom Zarek's been out of the headlines,
out of the news...
forgotten for 20 years as he rots in a cell.
Now he's got a chance to go out
in a blaze of glory...
and he's gonna take it.
Alpha One, we're in.
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
Once Roslin uses Adama's soldiers...
to massacre the people on this ship...
prisoners and hostages alike...
people in the fleet will never forgive them.
The entire government will collapse.
- She can take care of herself.
- You sure?
She's been trained.
We've all been trained in capture, it's...
[Cally screams]
You've been saying
everything you're doing is for freedom.
APOLLO: But the truth is...
it's all about Tom Zarek
and his personal death wish.
[Door opens]
SEABORNE: Tom. Something's up.
MASON: Frakking bitch!
ZAREK: That's Mason. What the hell.
They're killing the hostages. Let's go.
[Fast-paced instrumental music]
[Prisoner grunting]
[Tense instrumental music]
Constellation Team, set.
[Mason screaming]
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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