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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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[Pilots chattering]
TIGH: There's no smoking in the ready room.
STARBUCK: My room, my rules, sir.
- Where's your mummy?
- Dead. Where's yours?
- I'm looking for Boomer.
- 1400. Boomer's in the tool room.
A pilot blows his landings
and you make a joke out of it?
Screaming at people
doesn't always get the best results, sir.
I learned that at officer candidate school.
You are right on the edge, Thrace.
Careful you don't fall off.
Speaking of falling off...
[Starbuck sniffs]
glad to see you've found a way
to quench your thirst.
[Tense instrumental music]
They won't negotiate
while you're holding hostages.
- I don't wanna negotiate.
- Then what do you want?
To be treated like men, not animals.
- Finally have something to bargain with.
- So what happens now?
- We're gonna talk.
- What about?
Your father.
- Is this a Monclair original?
- Yes.
BALTAR: Fantastic.
ADAMA: Would you like some water?
Yes, thank you.
I'm not a collector myself, but I...
I am familiar with his work, and may I say...
you really do have an excellent eye for art.
Thank you.
[Tense instrumental music]
- Where's my Cylon detector, Doctor?
- Oh, that.
Yes, it's taking longer
than expected, unfortunately.
What's the hang-up?
It's not working this time, Gaius.
He can see right through you.
There are a number of obstacles...
none of them insurmountable,
but they do tend to slow us down.
For a start, the lack of proper facilities.
The water shortage, of course.
The water shortage, not to mention...
ADAMA: Cut the BS.
You said you had a way of detecting
human from Cylon.
Do you or don't you?
[Tense instrumental music continues]
- I don't.
- What?
I don't think that I'm the man for this job.
BALTAR: I'm not cut out
for this kind of work.
- You have to do this.
- Why do I keep putting it off?
It's my subconscious telling me...
that I'm not the man for this job, please.
Listen to me.
If you don't tell him what he wants to hear...
he's going to find you out.
And when he does,
they're going to tear your head off...
and throw your body out of an air lock!
Pardon me.
I haven't had much sleep recently, so...
[Adama sighs]
Unfortunately, Doctor, for both of us...
you're the last man we have.
So what's the game plan, Doc?
[Tense instrumental music]
This is what you say:
"Commander, the truth is, there is one way."
- Say it!
- Commander, the truth is...
there is one way.
[Repeating after No. 6]
I didn't wanna have to ask you for this...
but what I really need
to complete the project...
is a nuclear...
That how you got to be the
"personal representative of the President?"
ZAREK: Because of your father?
APOLLO: Hardly.
[Zarek scoffs]
So, they don't get along, Adama and Roslin?
They have their differences.
But not when it comes
to dealing with terrorists.
I thought you said you respected me.
Read my book.
That was before you resorted
to violence and hostage-taking.
Always better when the oppressed
don't fight back, isn't it?
A warhead?
NO. 6: Technically,
I need the plutonium inside.
Technically, I need the plutonium inside.
Figure out the rest for yourself.
[Baltar sniffling]
As you may know, the Cylons are...
susceptible to certain kinds of radiation...
and by taking the plutonium...
and embedding it
in a carbon nanotube matrix...
and it really is that simple...
I can construct a filter that will
preferentially ionise synthetic molecules...
and thus deliver to you your Cylons.
We have five warheads left aboard this ship.
ADAMA: We may need them.
BALTAR: Yes, of course.
If you really think that this project
has a low priority...
then you're totally within your bounds to...
[Tense instrumental music continues]
You'll get your warhead.
Good boy.
Thank you, Commander.
TYROL: Look, the master-at-arms
has been over every inch of that locker.
She's come up with nothing.
BOOMER: So they've got no idea
who took those six G-4 charges...
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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