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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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concerns, I'd like you to go along...
and set up a screening procedure
to weed out the hardened criminals.
I would like to have a representative
from Galactica...
who will report directly to me
about security issues.
How about D?
BILLY: Second Class Petty Officer Dualla.
ADAMA: I know who she is.
I'm not sure she's conversant
with the technical details.
She'll be fine, but we should send someone
from ground crew...
who'll make sure the chosen men
know to use the equipment.
- Agreed.
- I have to get to the CIC. Excuse me.
BILLY: Madam President? The doctor.
ROSLIN: Excuse me?
BILLY: The doctor?
Commander, do you have a ship's doctor
aboard Galactica?
- Maj. Cottle. Is there something wrong?
- No, nothing urgent. Allergies.
He's out on the fleet
checking medical conditions.
ADAMA: I'll tell him that you want to see him.
ROSLIN: Thanks.
Petty Officer Dualla.
Conversant in technical details.
Thinking entirely of the mission.
Something on your mind, Captain?
I just thought maybe you had something
you wanted to say.
I have nothing to say to
the personal representative of the President.
I'm still Galactica's lead pilot.
I have nothing to say to him, either.
Every man has to decide for themselves
which side they're on.
I didn't know we were picking sides.
[Sombre instrumental music]
That's why you haven't picked one yet.
[lntense instrumental music]
WILKENS: I'm a bus driver, not a warden.
APOLLO: How many total?
WILKENS: 1,500.
WILKENS: They don't give me their files
or their names.
WILKENS: Hell, they're just numbers.
APOLLO: Thanks, Wilkens.
All right. They're all yours.
[PA system beeping]
[Tense instrumental music]
[Apollo clears throat]
I'm Capt. Lee Adama,
personal representative of the President.
We're in a crisis.
Thousands of us are on the verge
of dying from dehydration.
The good news is we have found water.
The bad news is, it's located on a moon
with harsh environmental conditions.
We need 1,000 able-bodied men
to help us get that water.
President Roslin feels
that you represent our best chance.
She also recognises that you are not slaves.
Any man who volunteers to help us during
this emergency will earn "freedom points"...
which can be applied
toward earning his release.
We're offering you a chance
for a new beginning.
Whoever is interested,
please just step out of your cell.
[Electronic buzzing]
[Tense instrumental music continues]
[Slow footsteps]
ZAREK: Thank you for your offer.
We respectfully decline.
Oh, my God, that's Tom Zarek.
The terrorist?
PRISONERS: [Chanting] Zarek!
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
[Theme music]
WILKENS: So who the hell is Tom Zarek?
BILLY: He's a freedom fighter.
- He's a prisoner of conscience.
- He's a butcher.
His colony was exploited
by the other 11 for centuries.
His people were marginalised, brutalised...
I'm from Saggitaron,
and that man doesn't speak for all of us.
He blew up a government building,
there's no excuse for that.
Captain, I've been watching the clock and
if we won't get any help, we should move on.
Zarek's got the prisoners united.
Let's go through Zarek.
[lntense instrumental music]
HELO: Hello? Anybody out there?
Anybody wanna help two stranded pilots?
HELO: That's what I hate about big cities.
No one will help you.
BOOMER: No more shouting.
You're making me nervous.
Feel like I'm in a movie.
- At least it stopped raining.
- For now.
[Tense instrumental music]
Where is everyone?
Some are dead. In their beds, at their desks.
Ones who weren't killed outright
probably ran into the hills.
Won't do any good.
- Guess I'm getting a little...
- Depressing? Morbid?
Sorry. Been here longer than you.
Wish I could say it gets easier.
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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