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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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... ants crawling
behind their eyeballs ?
Hey, how about you, Boomer ? [Apollo]
Doc tells me you are holding up
better then anybody in the squadron.
I'm tired like everybody else.
You never seem it.[Apollo]
'cause she's a Cylon. [Starbuck]
You're just gonna make me come over
there and kick your ass, aren't you ?
Ok, let's set up a patrol here
before somebody gets hurt.
Follow me
Copy that, Apollo.
A couple hours of rack time
does sound overly awfully sweet,
- ...  right about now.
- You deserve it.
Like hell. The truth is...
all this has me feeling, well...
more alive than I have in years.
You look that way, too.
It's good to see you
without the cup in your hand.
Ah, don't start.
But I know there's a all lot
of people aboard this ship...
that wish you weren't
felling as good as you are.
If the crew doesn't hate the X.O.
then he's not doing his job.
Besides, gotta make
the old man look good.
- I allways look good.
- Look in a mirror.
- Seriously.
- Sir?
It's one thing to push the crew,
it's another think to break 'em.
Dradis contact ! Bearing 3-4-8,
Carom 1-2-0. one ship.
Getting  recognition signal...
It's the Olympic Carrier, sir.
- Is that confirmed?
- It's confirmed, sir.
Thank the Gods.
Action stations.
Put the fleet into condition one.
I want all Vipers, manned and ready,
but keep them in the tubes.
- Mr Gaeta !
- Sir?
Restart the clock.
33 minutes.
- I hope you're wrong.
- So do I, so do I.
No, no, no, no, no....
It's so wrong.
If they were left behind why
didn't the Cylons destroyed them?
Why are they showing up now?
It's God's punishment
for your lack of faith.
Oh, that's just great, that is!
A more logical and
usefull explanation, please.
All right...
The Olympic Carrier has been
infiltrated by Cylon agents.
The've been tracking
the ship, all along.
Then that means...
logically in order for you to survive...
the Olympic Carrier should be destroyed.
Olympic Carrier, Olympic Carrier
this is raptor 478 callsign "Boomer".
I have you in visual contact.
Please respond on this channel, over.
Raptor 478 this is the Olympic Carrier.
We have you in visual contact.
Thank the Lords of Kobol, you don't
know how relieved we are to see you.
Roger that, Olympic Carrier.
Can I ask you about your whereabouts ?
We had trouble with our F.T.L. drive.
took us almost three hours to fix.
Have Boomer ask them how
they escaped the Cylons.
Olympic Carrier, Boomer. I've been directed
to ask you how you escaped from the Cylons.
You got me. They were closing in on us when the
rest of you were jumping. I thougt we were goners
And they just broke off. Someone
must have been watching out for us.
Roger that.
One other think Boomer.
I've got a Dr. Amarak onboard.
He claims he has an urgent matter to discuss
with the president. He's been driving me crazy.
Olympic Carrier,
can you be more specific?
I'm afraid I can't. He says he knows something
about a traitor in our midst, and he's unwilling
to share any more than that.
Madam President, I strongly recomend
that we cut off all wireless comunication
with that ship right away.
What....why, why?
Look, forgive me for beeing rude,
but WAKE UP, all right ?!
The only reason the Olympic Carrier is still flying
it's because the Cylons let them survive.
They've been tracking that ship all along.
There might be Cylon agents on board right now.
Calm down !
Start over.
Please, Madam President,
I implore you. Listen to me.
Cut all radio communication with that ship
before they send via broadcast signal...
another computer virus to infect our ships,
shortly before they blow us all up !
Commander Adama,
are you on the line?
Cut off the speakers,
put it through the line.
Yes, Madam President, and I'm
inclined to agree with Dr. Baltar.
Good, so do I.
- Thank the Gods,
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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