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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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important information...
regarding how the Cylons
were able to defeat colonial defences.
I was always a little worried he was on to us.
Were you going to speak to him?
BALTAR: Perhaps I should speak to him
if you're busy.
BILLY: I think he wanted to speak directly
with the President.
It sounded urgent.
It must be very important.
Maybe something about a certain traitor
in the President's inner circle?
There's not enough time before we jump.
I want him on board first thing
during the next cycle.
Thank you, Doctor.
- I'd say you have a serious problem.
- lf I can help.
He's a strange one, isn't he?
[Eerie instrumental music]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
[Helo panting]
[Continues panting]
[Robots grunting]
[Robots screeching]
[Suspenseful instrumental music continues]
[Helo panting]
MAN: [Over PA] Landing base Team Alpha,
check three.
DUALLA: Can you see it?
Twelve more cases of nervous exhaustion.
That makes 61.
Have the docs start pumping them up
with stimulants...
and get them back on the line.
ADAMA: Pilots, too.
DUALLA: Fuel report.
One out of every three, every other cycle.
TIGH: That's gonna come back
and bite us on the ass.
ADAMA: We have too much work
and not enough people to do it.
DUALLA: Fuel report.
- I've already signed one of these.
- Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir.
Comm traffic two from the President.
- Is this my 10 minutes or this yours?
- Yours. I took 10 last time.
See you guys in combat.
I believe it was your 10 minutes.
If the old man's so tired he can't remember,
then it's his turn.
- You see the note from the XO?
- Yeah, I saw it. No way.
APOLLO: Kara, everyone else...
STARBUCK: I don't fly with stims.
They blunt your reflexes, your reaction time.
- Come on, Kara, give me a break. Just...
- Why are we arguing about this?
APOLLO: I have no idea.
Neither do I. You're the CAG, act like one.
What the hell does that mean?
It means that you're still acting
like you're everyone's best friend.
We're not friends, you're the CAG.
"Be careful out there"?
Our job isn't to be careful,
it's to shoot Cylons out of the frakking sky.
STARBUCK: "Good hunting" is what you say.
And now, one of your idiot pilots
is acting like a child...
and refusing to take her pills.
So she either says, "Yes, sir"...
and obeys a direct order
or you smack her in the mouth...
and you drag her sorry ass down to sickbay
and you make her take those pills.
[Kara laughs]
Well, I'm glad I'm not working for you.
You're damn right you're glad.
So, do I have to smack you in the mouth,
No, sir. I'll take my pills.
- Carry on.
- Yes, sir.
DISPATCHER: Pilots to ready room
for pre-flight briefing. Pilots to ready room.
[Rain pattering]
[Dramatic instrumental music]
[Tense instrumental music]
[Gun cocking]
Jump 238 complete.
ADAMA: Start the clock.
GAETA: [Over PA] Thirty-three minutes.
All civilian ships present and...
[Electronic beeping]
Strike my last.
One civilian ship
missing and unaccounted for, sir.
TIGH: Which one?
DUALLA: The Olympic Carrier.
DUALLA: Commercial passenger vessel.
ADAMA: Were they left behind?
DUALLA: I think I accounted
for all civilian ships before we left.
You think? Did you or didn't you?
[Electronic beeping]
They're not logged in, sir.
I think they may have been left behind.
How many people aboard ship?
1,345 souls, sir.
You're telling me we left over 1,300 people
to die at the hands of the Cylons?
It may not have been her fault, sir.
It may have been a navigational error
and they jumped to the wrong coordinates...
or the Cylons destroyed the ship
before the jump...
Or 50 other things may have happened.
The point is we don't know
what the hell did happen.
Yes, we're tired. Yes, there's no relief.
Yes, the Cylons keep coming after us
time after time...
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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