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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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from colonial fleet.
Just came to get some equipment
from the station
-to get back in the fight.
-What fight?
-You don't know.
-Know what?
There's a war on.
Give me your weapon.
You think I'm stupid or something?
Is that it?
You think I'm stupid?
You expect me to believe that?
I want passage out of here
on a safe transport ship
with an untraceable jump system, okay?
Look, I don't have time to argue with you.
So here's the deal.
We've got over 2,000 people on that ship.
Now, you think you could shoot
every single one of us, fine.
But if not, get the hell out of my way!
Okay. Get his weapon.
If he moves, shoot him.
I see they've put you to work.
Ignoring me won't help.
No, I've decided you're an expression of my, uh,
subconscious mind playing itself out
during my waking states.
So I'm only in your head?
Have you considered the possibility
that I can very well exist only in your head
without being a hallucination?
Maybe you see and hear me
because while you were sleeping,
I implanted a chip
in your brain that transmits my image
right into your conscious mind.
No, no, no. See, that's me again.
My subconscious self is expressing irrational fears,
which I also choose to ignore.
What are you working on?
If you were really a chip in my head,
I wouldn't have to tell you, now, would I?
Indulge me.
I'm trying to figure out how you
managed to pull this kind of an attack.
You've actually shut down the entire
defense network without firing a shot.
The entire squadron's lost power
just as they engaged the enemy.
The CNP is a navigation program,
but you, uh,
you made changes to the programs
that you were building in...
back doors for your company to exploit later.
All true in a sense.
-That was your job.
Unofficially, I had other motives.
We had something, Gaius,
-This is insane.
-And what I want most of all
is for you to love me.
-Love you?
-Of course, Gaius.
Don't you understand?
God is love.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Take it easy, guys. Just slow down.
We don't know much more than that.
It's just imperative that we get
our equipment and get out of here.
What's in there?
-Need a light.
-Where's your spaceship?
Docked on the other side of the station.
Be careful.Don't stack them so high!
Okay, those warheads over there,Here's the deal.
They would've brought a nice price on the open market.
So you're an arms dealer, huh?
People have a right to protect themselves.
I just supply the means.
-You don't look too good.
-Be careful with that, all right?
Hey! Be careful with that!Look out!
It's live! It's live!
Get down! Get out!
-Move, move, move!
-It's hot!
Commander? Commander Adama!
Stay back. Stay back.
It's hot, it's hot, it's hot. It's unstable.
You guys, go back to the ship.
We need hand-lifts, fire equipment,
and a plasma torch.
Wait, wait. Chief, listen.
Commander? are you in there?
Commander, are you all right?
-Commander Adama!
Anybody hurt out there?
No, sir.
We got some equipment coming, sir.
We're gonna get you out of there right away.
No, get all the bullets
and equipment into the ship.
Don't waste anybody on anything else.
-Is there another way out of here?
Listen, uh, listen, we're gonnago out another way.
-Sir, I don't think that's a wise idea.
-You got your orders.
Tell colonel Tigh he's in command until I return.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Most of the passengers are
from geminon or picon.
But we've got people from every colony.
Give Billy a copy of your passenger manifest
and a list of all your emergency supplies.
All right, what about the power situation?
Out batteries are running pretty low.
Captain Apollo will be making an engineering
survey of all the ships this afternoon.
Uh, actually, the captain said
it'll be more like this evening
-before he can coordinate the survey.
-All right, this evening then.
But you
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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